How to set a static IP address in a Wi-Fi network for Reach in Emlid Flow

In Emlid Flow, when you connect your Reach to a new Wi-Fi network, you can apply automatic or manual IP settings.

With automatic IP settings, your Reach gets a dynamic IP address that can change each time you connect to the same Wi-Fi network. If needed, you can manually set a fixed IP address for your Reach—assign a static IP address. This can be useful in cases where you need a permanent IP address assigned to your Reach on a particular network.

Let’s see how to set a static IP address in a Wi-Fi network for your Reach using the Emlid Flow app. Follow the steps below:

  1. On the Receivers screen, tap Wi-Fi and set your Reach to Hotspot mode.

  2. Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

  3. Connect to your Reach network. It appears as reach:XX:XX, the password: emlidreach.

  4. Open Emlid Flow, find your Reach in the list of available devices, and connect to it. If there is only one available device, Emlid Flow will automatically connect to it.

  5. Go to Wi-Fi, tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.

  6. Enter the network password.

  7. Under IP Settings, select Manual from the drop-down menu.

  8. Enter the static IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.

  9. Tap Connect.

Now, your Reach has its static IP address in the Wi-Fi network you specified. You can type it in the address bar of your browser to launch the Reach Panel.

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This is awesome , especially for permanent base stations


With this change, you could generate a bach that downloads the data, giving this fixed IP address.
combined with the fact that now the rinex go out with the time adjusted. excellent

interesting for permanent bases

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