Shapefile export problem

Hi Emlid-Team!

Probably there is a small bug at the shapefile-export at ReachView (V 6.16).

Export works without any problems. There are all data stored at the attribute table BUT there are no points shown at the working space eg. in QGIS.
For me it is a little bit strange…

Perhaps you can check this please.

Best wishes,

I have had the same problem and not found a good fix yet. I think the problem lies in that the geometry of the shapefile is in a PointZM format (which includes elevation in meters) rather than strictly a lat-lon format.

QGIS seems to choke on this but there is bound to be a solution easier than what I came up with: to import the shapefile into postgis, then convert the geometry to Point type. You lose elevation values so not a great fix.

Hi Christoph,

What coordinate system was used in the project you exported as the Shapefile?

Hi Liudmila,

I used ‚Global CS‘.

Now I did a test:

Using Epsg31256 the points are shown.
Using ‚Global CS‘ no points are shown.
Two different projects!

Perhaps my test helps.

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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for the test!

Yes, now the Shapefiles from ReachView 3 are tailored to be used with the projected systems. But we’re working on implementing geographic coordinates into the exported Shapefiles. It will improve the compatibility of the Shapefiles from the ReachView 3 app. I can hardly share the exact date of its release, but I’ll surely let you know about it.

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Hi Liudmila,

that sounds great. Thx a lot!

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Hi Christoph,

I have some good news for you! We have added the support of Shapefile export in global coordinates. Please, update your app to the latest version available in the app marketplace.

Don’t hesitate to share how it works for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve tried but can’t
opened. But if you use Review2, you can open the shapefile

Hi @sahatmanikesri,

I see that Kseniia replied to you in the following thread:

Let’s continue the troubleshooting there to keep all the details in one place.

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