RV3 Survey data/points missing & incomplete CSV data

I set up the RS2 Base and RS2 rov but when opening RV3 it said an update was required. Eventually it went away, I dont think it updated, but as workaround, I had to use an ipad with RV3 as opposed to my normal iPhone device.
I managed to collect about 9 points.
But now the survey is not listed on the ipad. There is a really old survey listed.
I have rebooted the ipad. This is where RV2 would have saved the day. It would be nice to have data on both RS2 and the capture device.
Anyone know where my points might be found in the ipad???

Yay! the survey data is held on the RS2 as well.
And there are more than CSV export options!

Just realised the csv export file is not as complete as it used to be.
What would cause this?
I can only access this csv via having the Rover on and going into “Survey” on the RV3 ie where logging, base mode etc are… not through ’ Survey’ at the bottom of the ipad screen where Receivers and Profile are.

I have a spreadsheet formated around the csv import from Emlid RV3

Hi Troy,

Good to see you on the forum again!

There’s a lot of info in your posts. To avoid the confusion, I’ll go through each of what you mention.

So many things packed here :sweat_smile:Let’s untangle this.

When you open ReachView 3, it usually doesn’t ask you to update. You can either do it manually via the AppStore or set the automatic updating process.

However, the app will ask you to update your Reach unit. Since one of the previous updates, you can only use ReachView 3 with the devices updated to Reach Firmware 26 and above. This step was inevitable for future development. We’ve explained it here.

What happened with the RV3 on iPhone that you had to switch to iPad? Did it crash?

That’s not okay. Usually, your survey is listed right after its creation. Just to be sure, have you collected the points in a separate project and not in this old one?

I’ll explain this. When you work with ReachView 3, your survey is saved on the gadget you use (i.e., your smartphone, your tablet, etc). We’re considering the easy way to synchronize the projects on different devices, but for now, the projects are not saved anywhere else.

The surveys are saved on the Reach receiver only if you use the Survey tool of Reach Panel (previously known as ReachView 2). This Survey tool doesn’t support different coordinate systems. That’s why I’d suggest sticking to the ReachView 3 app. Moreover, the project you recorded in ReachView 3 won’t show up on the receiver.

Can you please specify which CSV file you mean? If we’re on about the ReachView 3 files, then there should be no reduction in them: if anything, we keep adding the data there :sweat_smile:

If we’re talking about the export from Reach Panel, then we didn’t change the amount of data in them. So it shouldn’t be drastically different from what you have seen there before.

Can you please share the screenshot of it? I’m a bit confused now. From what I can see, ReachView 3 has one Survey tab - it’s in the middle of the tabs (between Receivers and Profile). When you go to the unit’s settings, it indeed looks like it’s under the Base mode screen.

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