New ReachView will require Reach Firmware 26 and above

Hi everyone,

We continue expanding ReachView 3 functionality and this brings us to the point where some of the new tools can not be supported on old versions of Reach Firmware.

In the nearest time, we will roll out an update for ReachView 3 that will require Reach Firmware no older than version 26 on your Reach device. This means that the newest ReachView 3 will not work with Reach Firmwares older than version 26 and you will need to update your Reach device first to continue using all the features.

Please make sure you update your Reach to the latest stable version. To update your Reach you will need the Internet connection, for the detailed instruction please check our Updater guide.


¿ What´s New ? heheh or is it a suprise???

I am guessing this ? Base Shift in ReachView 3: New Feature to Ease Your Work with a Base on a Site


Christian, you guess right :slight_smile: But that’s not the only thing. There are more new exciting features to come!


Armando, just a bit of the context here: your unit has to be updated to at least 26 Reach Firmware to work with ReachView 3. That’s the change the ReachView 3 6.8 update brings. This is what ensures that we’ll be coming with more complex features for the app. First of many is the Base Shift. Check it out in our docs to fully grasp it! :wink:


:+1: :+1:


Looking forward to it!


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