RS2 RTK questions

I think you are in the Serial tab, not the NTRIP tab?

It is in Position Output and there you have Serial, TCP and BT

But you are trying to output corrections, and not a position, correct?

As Christian noticed, you’re in the wrong tab. For your base, use the Base mode tab for which Polina provided the link in the docs. From there you can set the output to NTRIP using your mount point parameters.

Base mode NTRIP is set! Emlid internet adress, port 2101, password and mountpoint

Trying to find the selected MP1771 in the Ublox F9P, set as rover does not work. It does not come up, but some 30 other.
The baudrate in the F9P is set to 460800, but I see RS2 use 115200.

Yes, but that the tab from which you set the baud rate for a serial output will not provide a differential correction. This only provides a position output (long/lat/height). I don’t think it has anything to do with how corrections are sent.

What shall be filled in Position Out page?

Nothing particular if you are not going to feed the receiver calculated position to something else. This tab would be used, for instance, to send real-time position data to an app like QField, surveying software, or to push it to another device via serial. The position output tab should not be relevant to sending corrections to the NTRIP server.



Let’s try to find out the possible cause of the issue here.

To send the corrections from the base to the caster, you need to:

  • Connect the base to the Internet
  • Set your u-Blox base to transmit corrections. You can check out the u-Blox docs on how to do it via U-center software
  • Double-check that the credentials you’re entering are correct. You can do it in your account on Caster’s website
  • Make sure that the mount point you’re using is enabled and the base is set online

To be able to receive the corrections on your Reach RS2, you should:

  • Enable correction input in the corresponding Correction Input tab of the ReachView 3 app
  • Choose the NTRIP method
  • Double-check that the credentials. You can do it in your account on Caster’s website

You don’t need to configure the position output to receive the corrections.

If you have further difficulties with this, please, check your PM and share the data with me so that we could check the caster transmission on our side.

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Now I got the Ublox F9P running as base! 40 sats in the RS2 as rover and 32 as base correction!

Hi Jan-Olov,

Great to hear your setup works as expected now!

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