Update to 26 Firmware

Now I tried update to Reachview 26.0 and after 4 hours it is not finnished!

Installing with green line and left steady blue on the RS2!

How long time shall it take?

Hi Jan-Olov,

How far your RS2 device is located from the Wi-Fi router? I’d recommend placing it near the router to check if it helps. Sometimes, it can be a reason for long updating.

It was 2 m from RS2 and tablet!

Yeserday it hooked up with black window, but after 30 min , the Status page came up.

I measured 80 points with Reach3 but are not able to load it down to my laptop. Wifi, bluetooth and email does not work.


Do I get it right that the initial issue is resolved and you were able to update Reach to 26 Firmware version?

Do you mean loading the app after updating took 30 mins? Is this repeatable behavior? It doesn’t look like a normal thing.

Can you clarify at which step of this video guide you faced an issue? It’ll help us to narrow it down and suggest you the solution faster.

I see this export view!

Hi Jan-Olov,

It looks like this option is specific to the device you’re surveying with, e.g. your tablet. It might be necessary to install additional File Explorer or File Manager so that it allows you to save the data directly instead of sharing it.

I can see that you have reported the same issue in this community forum thread. Our users have suggested some apps to solve the issue for you. Let’s keep all of the details in one thread and avoid doubling information so that there’s no confusion.

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The Reachview connection to the RS2 i very qick now, under a minut!

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