ReachView v2.17.6 dev release

Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since we rolled out an update! We are currently busy improving the platform layer, updating internal stuff. So today we are pushing a new dev update with several big improvements under the hood which will also improve the experience with Reach.


  • Fixed LoRa is not connected message popping up on some RS and RS+ receivers.
  • Fixed Android app not being able to download logs or projects. Please note that you need to update both the app in the play market and your Reach for the fix to work.
  • LoRa radios now support complex constraints with several ranges. Russia is added to the list of countries with frequency range limitations.
  • Fixed a small bug with project list’s dropdown menus getting stuck in some cases.
  • Fixed the Wi-Fi not seeing channels 12-14, which resulted in Wi-Fi networks not being seen from time to time.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Best regards,
Emlid team

Update 04.03.2019

v2.17.2 has been pushed, fixing the bug with jumping correction input. Also added a note about fixing the Wi-Fi channels.

Update 12.03.2019

v2.17.3 has been released, fixing popup menus not disappearing in v2.17.2.

Update 23.04.2019

v2.17.4 has been pushed, fixing several Bluetooth issues on RS+/M+:

  • A bug where RTCM transmission over BT would sometimes abruptly stop has been fixed. This fixes the connection to both SurvCE and Android collectors
  • Bluetooth name change will be applied immediately, not after a reboot

Update 29.04.2019

v2.17.5 has been pushed. This release brings Reach/ReachRS in sync with Reach M+/RS+.

Update 20.05.2019

v2.17.6 fixes:


I updated , now at the correction screen the page is jumping up and down: the on off tab is moving on and off rapidly

thanks! Staying on STABLE version. ; )

Hello update the apps and can not connect NTRIP client (lefebure desing) This update affects this apps???

Upgrade reach Rs + and it went crazy!Atg8AmN-XEUkv2dqveoJYXMKqumH

Well, that would make this DEV release totally useless. Wonder if this happening only on Android devices? Anyone test on Apple iOS? Do these releases get tested on Android devices or MOSTLY iOS devices?

The same happened to me. Could you solve it?

are these all Android, iOS or both?

Just the APP or does it work fine using IP address in Browser?

Its a solid bug. Slidebutton slides on and off in the correction input and base mode menu
Its both visible in the app and browser. Stick with version prior to 2.17.1 until they fix this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reports! We’ll perform some more tests and roll out a fix early next week, as soon as possible.

Meanwhile you could really help by providing us with version you have updated from and your system reports(you can send them to me via PM).

hello in the morning of yesterday the apps was updated (v.1.5) and in the field it did not work well with third party apps I went to the office and saw that they would continue to update the reach rs + in my case and when I try to configure them to be able to use it the day today they did not allow to do anything and also in the browser with the ip of the team that they suggest that we return to the previous version ??

Why my rover die alone

Maybe it wanted to be promiscuous instead of marry?


Yesterday I did two simultaneous tests with EMLID v2.17 and Promark 3. In EMLID I had only 3 green bars and a very high PDOP in the fieldgenius 10 trial version and in the Promark 3 I had PDOP less than 2 While in the moment that the PDOP indication in fieldgenius worked it started in 3.1 until it reached 13 and the Promark 3 only indicated 1.8 of PDOP with only GPS constellation. In the application of my IPhone 7 the indications are fixed but only three bars of satellites in green, the PDOP indication could be included to the next versions. I do not know what will be happening with EMLID and fieldgenius with these PDOP variations high or does it indicate zero?

What’s fixed in ReachView v2.17.2? updated or not?

v2.17.2 has been pushed, fixing the correction input issue!


v2.17.3 has been pushed, fixing an issue with dropdown bars getting stuck on mobile devices.


SOS alert. :smile:
Versions 2.17.2 and 2.173 are not stable. The iterative process of convergence (initialization) has been completely downgraded - it lasts for a dozen or so minutes while in version 2.16.0 it is two or three minutes. I am talking about using NTRIP casters for RTK, i.e. Reach as ‘rover’ only.
Is it possible to return to the initialization module such as in version 2.16.0 or 2.16.2, possibly entering the stable version 2.17.4?
Is it really like here?:
“… the dev updates will not revert.ReachView version back to stable. You will be prompted to update to the next stable version as soon as it is released.”

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RTK engine was not affected by this update. Would be great if you could share solution logs recorded on v2.17.3 and v2.16.2 showing the behavior you described.