Data export problem

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(Gosai Rakeshgiri) #2

Problem in export survey priject data i am upload photograph

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Known Android problem, search here. Being fixed. Use the IP of your Reach using a browser such as Chrome for now.

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Hi @grakeshgiri,

Now, this bug fixed in the dev version of ReachView.
You can find more info in this thread.

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Why are we suggesting this DEV when it has such a serious problem (corrections switch) in exchange for the Android fix?

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Please check the release message:

(Gosai Rakeshgiri) #9

My application version isv.2.16.2 the update is not download my mobile
I am using samsung j7prime mobile when my internet data connection is enabled then reach view not loading so off data the reach view is loading
I dont know what is the problem so please give me suggestions in detail

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you have to specifically allow for DEV versions in the ReachView app, then it will let you update to DEV versions.

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