Impossible to download data

App RS+, Android, last update

Hello, I recorded some points, I’m trying to download it but there is nothing in my download folder.

Thanks for your help !


There is an issue with the Android app, that will be fixed in the next ReachView release.

May I ask you to use web browser version of ReachView to download files currently?

Please open ReachView in Google Chrome or Mozilla, depending on which one you have on your Android device, and try to download the survey project again.

Follow this guide to access ReachView in a browser.

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Awesome !

It doesn’t work at first because the IP adress on the link that you gave to me was not the one of my device, I entered instead and it works.

Do you know when the next release will be available ?

Thanks for you rapid answer !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


We’ll release it as soon as possible, however, I can’t provide you with ETA. You can find your Reach RS IP utilizing the free Android App “FING”.

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This problem is still not fixed ? I can’t dowload data using the app


The issue was fixed in the v2.17 dev release.
You can subscribe to dev branch and update your device to the current v2.17.5 dev version. Please follow this guide for it.

Please note that you need to update the Android app as well.


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