Reach RS+ base and rover: negative altitude

Hello all,
I have a problem, my base is showing a negative altitude (Zone 17R). I am not sure what the problem is. It is not really a problem as I correct it but it would be ideal if at least I had something similar to what my Trimble R8 shows.

Reach show GNSS ellipsoid. Sure your R8 doesn’t show something localized ?

My R8 is set to measure NAVD’88.

There is your problem :smiley:

Hi @hydrocynus,

Did you manage to resolve the issue with altitude?

Hello Tatiana, no, I have not resolved my issue. Let me PM you.

Hello, do you know how to convert? I found another thread but the links provided that got me to converters online are tough to use because of the the overwhelming number of options:

Hi @hydrocynus,

Any online converter should work, for example, this one.
Could you please clarify your difficulties?

Yes, this is the link I use. I will give it another try next week. More urgently, I have some money that needs to be spent soon. Can you tell me what you recommend for having the Reach RS+ on a quadcopter? I have two in mind, the 3DR Solo and the phantom 4 pro. I have already the two rovers RS+. What else do I need? Thanks! Serge


I’d recommend checking the forum, there are quite a few integrations made by the users with both platforms:



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