Dji phantom 4pro rtk/ppk

We would like to announce a low cost survey grade system DJI PHANTOM 4PRO GNSS RTK/PPK.
Survey grade Reach (GNSS GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS) receiver built in standard DJI Phantom 4PRO body and integrated with calibrated camera.
It allows to record photos locations with centimeter level accuracy. Now you can process data in Photoscan or Pix4D, etc. software and turn your images into highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models without ground control points (GCP).

DJI PHANTOM 4PRO GNSS RTK/PPK is a easy to use survey tool.
Just prepare flight mission in UGCS or etc software, switch on the drone, perform a flight mission. GNSS receiver will store events of making photo automatically, after landing download data from a drone via wi-fi.
The total weight of DJI PHANTOM 4PRO GNSS RTK/PPK increased by only 100 grams and removable antenna mount allows carrying a drone in a standard DJI case.

Please see the following example of the project with DJI PHANTOM 4PRO GNSS RTK/PPK

Stage 1. We installed GNSS base station on the point with known coordinates and measured locations in RTK mode of six ground control points distributed over the survey area. (Pic. 1, Pic 2).

Pic.1 Topcon GR 5 GNSS base station

Pic.2 Ground control point

Stage 2. Drone mission was planned (Pic.3) , uploaded to DJI PHANTOM 4PRO GNSS RTK/PPK (Pic. 4). The flight mission was performed with the following parameters:

  • survey area 40 hectares
  • flight speed 10 m/s
  • overlap 80/80%
  • altitude 200 meters above ground level.

Pic. 3 Location of the survey area and flight routs


Stage 3. Photogrammetric processing. After landing, GNSS data were download from the drone via wi-fi and we processed RINEX files from drone and base station together using RTKLib postprocessing software (Pic. 5.). Differences between images locations measured by standard DJI GPS and upgraded GNSS system are shown at Pic.6

Pic.5 GNSS post processing report


Photogrammetric processing was carried out in Photoscan software. Precise coordinates of image position were imported to the project and used for images alignment. Coordinates of ground control points were necessary only for the model accuracy estimation.
The following results were achieved with using precalibrated parameters of focal length F=3642.97108 and GPS offset Z=-0.21. (Pic.7,8,9)

Pic. 7

Pic. 8 Accuracy of image locations

Pic. 9 Accuracy of GCP location

The results of the project shows capabilities to use a low cost DJI PHANTOM 4PRO upgraded with GNSS RTK/PPK receiver as a survey grade UAV. DJI PHANTOM 4PRO RTK/PPK provides high accurate drone data for precise mapping and 3D modelling. You no longer have to lay down GCPs or just minimize their number, saving countless hours and labor costs.

Demo dataset of this project including RAW GNSS files, images and GCP coordinates is available from

For more information please visit


Nice to see that !
How do you sync camera picture to reach ppk location ?

Hi Sylvian, GNSS receiver installed inside Phantom body and connected to the camera and receives time mark.

Time mark is from which signal ? Shutter motor ?

Nice integration and results. No ground plane needed for antenna ?

Off topic : how did you determine your precalibrated F value ?

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Now we use a small one ground plate.

From camera gimbal

Could you tell us where you get the camera shutter signal from?

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Your answer is one line above

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Your RTK/PPK interest us greatly for a DJI Matrice 600 Pro. We already have Emlid Reach RS receivers ans X5 camera. Please can we buy from you. Please inform us.
Thanks in advance,

Wow, awesome. Would you kind to explain the complete installation, sir?

Does reach use cable geotag cable tufwing for reach? And it insert into camera pin on phantom 4 pro?

I also have a M600 Pro with X5 that I would be interested in having this integration.

No response from you. However, FCC have just certified a RTK for Phantom series:

So, please help us before official release.
Maybe DJI’s solution will be more expensive, so yours is welcome.

Thanks in advance

I think topodrone is a commercial organization, their activities are connected with the extraction of profits. They will not give away their secrets.

We work on integration with X5 or X5S and will send information later.

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We would like to share a new example of quarry survey project made by DJI PHANTOM PPK

I tried to contact you to get off to get the price of your system. Hope you let us know. Thank you.

Thank you for your request we sent the quotation to you.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you. Please send to my email: