Raspberry Pi 4 support when?

Hi @muawijhe,

We’ll inform you once there is any news about the update :slight_smile:

It’ll hardly be possible without appropriate software support.

Trying to be patient, can’t wait for Raspberry Pi 4 and WifiBroadcast support. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mysnomer0,

Thanks for your patience! :wink:

We’re working on the Raspberry 4 support. We will make an announcement when it’s ready :slight_smile:


Any update so far?

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to novio folks. please dont take this the wrong way, i do have experience with the pixhawk and i am a developer. wanted to say if you need someone to help with testing i would be glad to do it pro bono.

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my conjecture, but we probably won’t get WBC with this release. The girls and guys at Emlid have got their hands full getting Ardupilot running on Pi4 it seems.

In the meanwhile a lot of WBC forks have sprouted:


  • svpcoms WifiBroadcast (basic TX-RX)

  • DroneBridge (system design with library)

  • OpenHD (follow-up on EZ-WifiBroadcast)

  • EZ-Wifibroadcast (not under development)

I think it’s up to us to choose one and integrate it into Navio2. Considering the level of integration required, it’ll end up being a custom solution anyway. Meaning we’ll be able to reuse tools, groundstation, apps, but the raspberry side will require manual updates.

Why can they not release a non-Ardupilot / non-DroneBridge version in the first instance? WiFi does not work for an underwater ROV anyway :slight_smile:

I just want to run Navio2 on PI4 via the standard python libraries and my own code / UI?

The non-Ardupilot version is available here

Err…that does not come with Emild libraries installed.

The python libraries can be copied, but what about hardware integration and emlidtool?

Looks like problem solved with new Emlid image :smile:

Hey there,

We’ve released a new Raspbian image with Raspberry Pi 4 support and other new features and improvements.

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Yay! Thanks for the update.

Thanks a ton for the info, I’ve been doing a lot of digging to track down which projects are still supported and under active development.

I think the two decent candidates are svpcoms WifiBroadcast and openHD. I would lean towards WifiBroadcast due to:

  1. Support of multiple groundstations
  2. Bidirectional support
  3. Sideband channels (eg. telmetry)
  4. Encryption
  5. Cheaper hardware
  6. Better focus on latency in video broadcasting and better technical know-how

Your thoughts?

I have PM’ed with Justin from the Open.HD project before. Very interesting stuff, and there is considerable energy behind that one, so I would lean toward the Open.HD right now because I saw WiFIBroadcast is no longer under development on https://dronebridge.gitbook.io/docs/comparison . Is that true? I think the Open.HD guys took that and went a step further.

EDIT: Any idea how the DroneBridge project on that wiki differs from Open.HD?

I’m actually replacing a Pixhawk with a Navio2 + Rpi 4 in my latest large Y6 build just because Emlid supports the Rpi 4 now. I’m looking to stream from an Rpi camera while also doing FPV via traditional camera + 5.8GHz video tx, so that I can have two different sources of video (cameras looking at different areas) on this drone.

@wubbalubbadubdub I’ve been thinking the same. Good focus, very impressed with how knowledgeable he seems on the project, and it seems to still be under development. Also, svpcoms WifiBroadcast has excellent instructions on installing from scratch, which I need for my current project. However, OpenHD does have a lot of other cool features, an excellent wiki, and is still under active development. If things don’t workout using svpcoms WifiBroadcast for some reason, I’m very open to trying out OpenHD.

@DrPop Very happy to hear someone is trying to do something similar to me! My project is a Skyhunter 1800 with Navio2 on RPI setup. I’ve got all the hardware, just trying to figure out which WBC fork to choose. What I’m discovering is I’m going to need patch or use an older Navio2 image. (Estimation of feasibility - (EZ)WBC on Navio2/RP3B+) I’ve been doing development on the Linux platform for quite some time, but patching a kernel is a new idea to me, and I’m still struggling a little trying to figure it out. I’d love to hear if/how you overcame this and how your project turns out!

@Mysnomer0 - Just getting this CarbonCore Y650 put together, and have to figure out how I want to layout the electronics. OpenHD likes to bundle the RC control, telemetry, and FPV all in one data stream. Not sure I’m ready for that leap yet. I purchased a PitLab OSD and DragonLink V3 for this build a while back; guess those would be wasted if I just end up going Rpi to Rpi single link, but oh well if it works better?

Recently acquired an Rpi 4, but now have a Pi 3 A+ (smaller model) on the way to try as well. Do you have any idea if there’s much to gain in the speed of the larger Pi 4 vs the small footprint of the 3 A+ when running a Navio2? Eventually I’d like to learn some ROS, which is why I initially got the Pi 4 w/ the extra RAM.

I was just going to use this simple way to test stream the video from the CSI Pi camera module once I get the hardware together before tackling installing either OpenHD or WifiBroadcast. Which part of the install do you need to use an older kernel for? Sorry, I’ve never patched one either! :neutral_face:

@DrPop Very cool! Yeah, I’m faced with that same decision of whether to put the RC control, telemetry, and FPV all in one data stream or not. I’m working on it, but if I’m not able to, I’m thinking I’m just going to grab my TBS Crossfire. I’ve spent the last week trying to setup svpcoms Wifibroadcast on the Navio2 image and get everything running. I feel like I’m really close, but something is still wrong and I can’t get a connection.

Sorry, no working experience, but on paper, the Rpi4 looks like a great upgrade and would boost performance at least a little. I think the real performance bump up would be faster video processing and computer vision stuff.

Sounds like a plan, I’m thinking I need to go back and try that since I can’t get the Wifibroadcast to work yet on the Navio 2. The part I’ve been reading you’ll need to patch the kernel for is installing the drivers for the Wifi card you’re using, in my case, Alpha AWUS036NHA I got off Ebay. But, after a couple days working on the problem, I found out that the (I think latest) Navio2 image already has the drivers for the card. My ground station is just a laptop running Ubuntu, which also already has the drivers, so I think I won’t need to patch the kernel after all.