Raspbian Buster with Raspberry Pi 4 support for Navio

Hello guys!
We wanted to share Raspbian Buster with the long-awaited Raspberry Pi 4 support.
And here’s a list of new features and improvements.

  • ArduPilot project has been updated:
    • ArduCopter: 3.6.11
    • ArduRover: 4.0.0
    • ArduPlane: 4.0.0
    • ArduSub: 3.5.4
  • Linux kernel was updated to 4.19.83
  • Added support for Raspberry PI 4 Model B
  • Rootfs auto-expanding on a first boot
  • Fixed servo rail voltage
  • ROS key was updated

To update you’ll need to flash the new image to SD card.
Here’s the changelog.

Waiting for your feedback!


Thanks for your work.

Buster image on Pi4 and Navio2 is running at home. Configuration with RCIO update is ok.

Arducopter 3.6.11 is running, Oneshot 125 output is not working. Normal PWM is fine.

Well done guys - look forward to trying it out…

Hi folks,
Could you guide us towards integration of navio2 on raspberry pi 4 with Ubuntu arm64…
Raspbian is nice but it uses 32bit architecture… Which is a shame on the rpi4. There is a set of developers that uses navio as it is without arducopter ardupilot or similar software stacks. For example we are currently testing ros2 with Ubuntu arm64 and navio+. We would like to migrate to the fastest raspberry pi 4 keeping arm64 and possibly upgrading to navio2. Could you help us?

You should put out a emergency directive instructing all Navio2 owners to upgrade to the new image in light of I2C strom that can cause various autopilots to spontaniously reboot midflight as in this article


Well the Ardupilot firmware that is used in the Navio2 is 32 bit so they will have to upgrade that.

At this point in time personally I do not see any added benefit of moving from 32 to 64 bit as the current firmware only uses around 6 to 7 % perhaps a little bit more of the raspberry pi’s memory. Might be a little more infact.

But in fact I am not going to get benefits of ardupilot at all.

I am concern that people who bought this piece of electronics cannot use the full potential of the underlying hardware because of lack of support.

Using 64 architecture in general increase the computation capabilities (i.e. speed using 64bit instructions) and reduce time to access memory.

If you don’t see this benefits I completely understand, but your point of view is a normal customer perspective and I respect it. My question comes from an advanced usage perspective, perhaps beyond the regular use people in emlid community are looking for.

I truly believe that emlid, as a tech company, will understand also my perspective and will reply soon or later with their idea addressing (or not) the support for the most advanced usage of their equipment.


Hi Barry,

Thanks for bringing it to our attention! We’ll explore this and get back with any news.

Hi @muawijhe,

Thanks for the suggestion! We don’t have plans on integration Navio2 and RPi 4 with Ubuntu currently, and hardly can be of much help in this question, I’m afraid.

I’d recommend looking into our kernel source code as it might be useful here.

Hi Barry,

This issue hardly can affect Navio2 as, according to the article, it influences STM32 based flight controllers only.