Raspberry Pi 4 support when?

It’s that time in the Raspberry release cycle. The Raspberry foundation releases a new Pi and we hound you until the Navio board can run on it.

With USB3 support, H265 at 60 fps and a significant bump in specs, the new Pi is planting it’s foot into Jetson TX’s territory, breathing significant life into Navio2.

Streaming H265 over wifibroadcast? Plugging in a Movidius for a machine-learning flight model? A Realsense camera for top of the line optical flow? Running previously impossible Kalman filters on large datasets? All possible.

I understand the changes required are:

  1. Port the RT patched kernel to RPi4
  2. Port the RCIO driver
  3. Make sure Ardupilot stack is still working after cross-compiling on the new CPU
  4. Misc tweaks and QoL

Can you guys provide a timeline? Any way to follow development, maybe lend a hand?


Yes, im also very interested in this! A little time ago i asked the support if there will be a Nanopi M4 support. They told me ( and of corse i understand this) that it will not be any. So please make rpi 4 support happen!

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Hey there,

Once we get our hands on RPi4 we’ll be able to provide timelines. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also very interested in this. Lets not forget.

Also, I understand there is a second gyroscope or so on the Navio2 that is not supported yet software wise?!

Maybe this can be added during the update


Have you managed to obtain a Pi4? Do you need some help in getting a couple of units shipped to you?

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Hi @kronos1,

ArduPilot uses both IMU sensors as it allows to increase the accuracy of IMU measurements.

Hi @wubbalubbadubdub,

Thanks for the offer! We’ve already got it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there an eta? days, weeks, or months? should I start developing on the existing image for the R PI 3 or wait for your R PI 4 image??

Hi @deepsouth,

We’re working on the new image. I’ll update you once we have any news.

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