Estimation of feasibility - (EZ)WBC on Navio2/RP3B+

My goal is to enable WBC functionality on Navio2 and RP3B+. In the process I would like to backport existing EZ-Wifibroadcast functionallity, in particular sideband telmetry, RX-side OSD and RX diversity. I’m a developer and am willing to spend 6 months part-time on this.

Question to the Navio staff: What major roadblocks will I be facing? I already know WBC support was removed with latest image. I assume this is because kernel patches for WBC conflicted with RP3B+ support, and for this reason EZWBC also presently has no support for this board.

I am assuming here that the latest image runs your forked RT kernel from your repo, and patching this would be the primary obstacle, followed by porting the software from EZWBC.

Hi @wubbalubbadubdub,

You can patch Navio2 4.14 image or build the previous 4.9 image with WBC support. I’m afraid that’s all I can recommend you.

Maybe somebody from our users tried to implement something similar.

Thanks @tatiana.andreeva

I’ll try patching and replacing the kernel. Could you ask around the office for the rationale why WBC was removed from the latest image in the first place?

Hi @wubbalubbadubdub,

WBC wasn’t included in the latest image in order to optimize it.

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