Raspberry Pi 4 support when?

Good news, I’ve got svpcoms Wifibroadcast running on the Navio2 14.4.95 image. Video looks pretty good and bidirectional mavlink is working out great. Next, I plan on running the Navio 2 with the latest image on an RPi4 instead of RPi3 to decrease latency a little. I’m also going to try to contribute a guide I wrote up in Google Docs to svpcoms Wifibroadcast for setup on the Navio2.

@Mysnomer0 - that’s awesome! I had to take a break from my rig to help my daughter finish building up her drone for class (end of semester was today) and then helped a friend get his going as well, so I’m finally getting back to my personal build tonight. Your success with the video is encouraging! Can I ask which external USB WiFi sticks you wen with for the air and ground Pis? Also, did you decide to run the flight control commands over the Pi link or just video only and keep a traditional receiver on board?

@DrPop I created a detailed guide on how I did it and svpcoms added it to the wiki. It has the components I used.

Running the actual flight controls along with the Mavlink telemetry and video link is what I’ve been working on, but it’s difficult since it doesn’t look like Arduplane 4 supports virtual joysticks. Once I figure it out, I’ll try to add it to the guide.

@Mysnomer0 - awesome, thanks! I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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