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New bird for Edge

(Marc Lebret) #1

A size 750 Y6 Edge construction.

The first sketch is two years old. As we have a lot of bad weather, I’m back at the workbench.

Motors and propellers are second hand. I have T-Motor 4010-14 KV370 and 4014-11 KV370 with roughly the same performances. Propellers blades are DJI 15x5 with KDE Direct.

Center part of the Y6 is an assembly of 2mm carbon with torsion box.

Arms are 20mm carbon square tube. Motor assembly parts are 2mm G10.

Accessories trail came from Tarot, Retractable landing gear is from Foxtech.

It may fly next week.


New Hexacopter with Rpi3/Navio2
(Marc Lebret) #2


Some parts need to find a place. Ready for settings.


(Baumgartner) #3

Nice Project, did you calculate the Flight time ? you will need a big battery.

(Marc Lebret) #4


I expect 15 to 12mn working time with a 8A 6S battery (1kg).

15mn is with Gopro, 12mn is with Sony QX1.

First fly will be with a 1kg lead box. So I can explore flight domain and settings.


(Baumgartner) #5

Very Good, please share your first flight.

(Marc Lebret) #6


After some delay and problems, I had a first takeoff and short flight.

First: high landing gear is “pain in the …” for take off or landing on rough grass.

So, for next flight, after changing some blades (again), I installed my old spongy fixed landing gear.

I will try it soon.


(Marc Lebret) #7


The end of the flight with small landing gear.


(Marc Lebret) #8


Here is picture of the Y6 with the new landing gear and Gopro gimbal. There is also a short video of the RTL landing.


It was the third flight, Yaw is not tuned. Since, I moved the battery trail forward. I’m waiting for carbon blades and will also install Yaw on the gimbal.


(Marc Lebret) #9


Some news: My Edge is updated to latest Emlid 1.4 image. I had some problems with motors not shutting down when landing after RTL. The problem is solved by removing silent blocks between main rotor frame and battery trail/landing gear/cam support.

I changed the camera. My old gopro had degraded image quality. I have now a Firefly 8S-90°FOW. Video feed in 1080-30fps is ok. I can use it while taking a 16mp photo every 5 sec.

Here is a computer record of the live video feed with QGroundControl. Loiter mode is quite fine with 10 to 15 kts wind. Every 5 sec short black is due to the photo mode. Yaw is not rock steady (small variations) but ok for me. I’m looking for the right parameter to tweak…



(Marc Lebret) #10


An update to my propellers: Initially I had DJI S800 15 inches plastic blades, replaced by RC-Timer carbons blades with the same shape.

Performance was not as expected (30A to fly) with some nasty vibrations, even with static balancing.

So I changed to RC-Timer classic carbon propellers and had better performance with some Z vibrations. Average current was 25A, quite as expected.

As I had my KDE Blade adapters, I had a look at their new blades. Quite expensive but « dynamic balanced ». So I broke my wallet and placed my order.

I received them yesterday and I’m happy with the result. Vibration level is quite low and performance is equivalent to RC-timer 15x5.5 propellers.

Each KDE blade weight is 14.2g, so with the prop hub, total weight is 63g, quite more than classic carbon propeller at 23g.


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