Y6 Edge frame update


I did some rework on my Edge Y6 frame.

Frame height was 35mm and room was missing to hide all wiring.

I had to draw new arm support and a friend did the 3D printing.


On my side, I did some CNC work to have new 50mm carbon sides.

All is now in place and ready to flight.



Nice work mate. Pls post full picture of drone - want to see it.

It is an evolution of this project: https://community.emlid.com/t/new-bird-for-edge/8902

Frame height is larger, 50mm instead of 35mm,

Arms are tilted up 5°, and changed to carbon with kevlar wrapping.

I also changed the gimbal damping block by a new custom made with 8 AlphaGel silent blocks.

No more changes ahead. With 6S-8A battery, working time is around 12mn with 25 % reserve.



Many thanks.

Can you please give some info on the Y design. I.e. why you chosen Y vs Hexacopter.

How do you use the copter? What makes you happy and unhappy about Y frame in your scenario?

When copter is not foldable, size matters.

Diameter for my Y6 is 700mm, it will be 900mm with the same propellers and a slight tip clearance.

More arms, longer arms, larger center plates to accommodate more arms = more weight.


Y6 apparent surface is less important than true Hexa (1/2 ratio). It may need more power to fly.

Upper and lower motors can have a difference in efficiency. It is true on my Y6 (maybe 10% difference) but false on my OctoQuadX, all motors have quite the same PWM when in loiter mode.

Photo quality:

Clear field of view is wider with the Y configuration.

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