New Hexacopter with Rpi3/Navio2

Hi all.
I’ve decided to build up a new hexacopter with Rpi3 and Navio2, i’m reading lots of guide to find which components are most suitable and convenient; but i want also to ask you an opinion.
Which Escs , Motors ( compatible with Escs ) , Rx/Tx would you buy and why? I’m looking for something powerful that wouldn’t bring me problems. What about your opinion?
Really thanks, have a nice sunday :slight_smile:


You have to start from the Payload (Camera + Gimbal + associated electronics). When your choice is OK, you can search for the frame and motors and Battery.

Easy rule for weight is 1/4 Payload, 1/4 Frame and Flight electronics, 1/4 Motors and ESC and Wiring, 1/4 battery.

There is an application eCalc to help you choose propulsion system.

Your propulsion system need to be able to lift twice the weight of your Hexacopter, so, when hovering, you are at 50% power.

There are some projects around Navio or Edge. They are quite large, you can achieve your goal with smaller one.



After a year using a hexa I will switch back to an quad. Less complicated, more flight time, cheaper. For security I will go for a parachute rather than for additional motors

Why do you want to build a hexa?

Hi Mlebret, your topic is very interesting, I’ll certainly use it.
What type of battery would you use for this? I have a LiPo 4s 14.8V , is this fine ?

Hi @Loia94,

It’s hard to say certainly will this battery fit your drone or not without knowing other components in the build.

By the way, there is a calculator app @mlebret shared above:

You can calculate the required battery voltage using the app.

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