Legacy RTCM3 messages

Any news about adding legacy RTCM3 messages to base output?

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Hi @vgo195,

At the moment, we’re considering expanding the number of messages that Reach receivers are capable of outputting. It’d be of great help if you could elaborate on which messages you require. We’d also be thankful if you specified what type of setup you use so that other messages are needed.

the most common RTCM3.0 messages that I could use are 1004,1006,1008,1012,1033.
My workflow is to use the M2 as an ntrip server to send the corrections to rtk2go caster.
My rover(s) does not support MSM4 messages so I need the legacy RTCM3 messages.

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Ag Guidance stopped on 3.x(0) I think due to commercial correction sales not wanting to change, the boys on the Combine Forum would soil themselves thoroughly if Reach base could output these.

Legacy 3.X corrections output and NMEA talker code and message selection. Would make Emlid a swiss army knife for RTK.

3.2 is still fine for input to emlid.

Also if it could output TSIP, that would be sweet.

I am currently building a TSIP translator to upgrade all the farmers to EMLID. But if it was already in module it would be cool.

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Hey guys,

Thank you for the requests!

We’ll think about how we can implement them on our devices.

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1004,1006,1008,1012,1033. Agreed, absence of 1008 is causing my issue.

Same issue for me. I could use Emlid as a base station and input RTCM corrections into my Trimble system if I had some of the messages mentioned added. Mainly 1008 for me. Currently I used the trial version of SNIP to recast with 1008 added and instantly got a FIX on a Trimble TMX 2050 for Ag auto steer use. I spoke with another person this morning who also needs the feature. Any ideas on a time frame for adding these messages?

I think the time frame would be shorter if there were more polite requests for these features from more people.

Emlid is like any other business, show them an actual market case exists and watch the changes happen. Coding and testing takes time, I would not commit my full workforce resources to just a couple requests.

If anyone that is browsing this forum from the web, please join and say you would like these changes to be made. This will show Emlid the market potential for broader interoperability between reach and other recievers.

Currently they are focusing on survey cause thats where they believe the bigger market is.

My thread on converting an EZ guide 150 already has over 600 views over a couple months and I am certain those are not all from forum members.

The Emlid is very close to being a drop in retrofit for many machine applications.


I think it’d be great to see the requested changed implemented.

Maybe Emlid could implement this feature into the new caster they provide.
Instead of changing the receiver firmware they could translate the stream to legacy messages via the ntrip caster. Snip caster does that. I don’t know if the emlid caster is based on SNIP but I think it is possible to do it.

Hey everyone,

As @PotatoFarmer mentioned, it’s important for us to collect all of the request to understand how many of our users require additions to the list of supported RTCM3 messages. We’re looking into the possibility to implement this but, currently, there’s no ETAs that I can share with you.

@James, it’d be great if you could specify the required messages and the specifics of your setup.

@vgo195, thanks for the request! it seems like Egor contacted you in this community forum thread regarding this.

we would also like to see the output of Legacy RTCM3 messages 1004,1006,1008,1012,1033.
We are using the Reach2 as Base stn, with TOPCON GR5 rover and TOPCON machine Guidance that both require 1008 and 1033.

Hi @support3D,

Thanks for sharing the details! We’ll take them into consideration.

I’d also like to point out that you can currently output the 1006 message. You can check the list of available RTCM3 messages in our Base mode guide.


Same problem. One of my rovers is Trimble TMX. It would be great if M2/RS2 could output 1008 message, or caster could inject missing message to stream.


I don’t think that they will do it. Still waiting for it.
This feature is requested a long ago. It must be 1-2 years before.
So the only options are either getting SNIP pro with translate function or get a new receiver that supports MSM4!

Hi Timo,

Thanks for the request! We’re currently looking into implementing its support.

Hi @vgo195,

We’re working on collecting all important information before we can introduce the support of different messages output. I’m afraid it does take time. We always take our user’s requests into consideration even if we can’t implement them immediately.

Also, please note that our receivers support MSM4 messages. You can use them as rovers in the setup that requires it.

Hey everyone,

We have exciting news! We’ve just released the Reach Firmware 26 Beta 1 version where we’ve added the support of the following RTCM3 messages:

  • 1004
  • 1008
  • 1012
  • 1033

You can read more about new features and fixes (and a new naming system for the firmware versions) of the 26 Beta 1 version in the corresponding community forum thread. We’ll be happy to hear about your testing results!

Please note that this is a Beta release. We don’t recommend using it for important real-field work as it mainly serves as early access for the new features.


Thank you very much! I will be doing some testing this weekend


That’s great! I will do some testing tomorrow and will report back.
I want to ask if it is possible to have rtcm3 legacy and msm4 simultaneously.
For example the app doesn’t let you select 1004 and 1074 simultaneously but it lets you select 1004,1012 and 1094,1124.
Is it possible to work with 1004,1012,1094,1124 together? This could be useful if someone has the emlid base broadcasting to the emlid caster and 2 or more mixed rovers (legacy gps+glo and newer gps+glo+gal+bei). I am not requesting this feature. Just wondering if that works that way.