Legacy RTCM3 messages

Any news about adding legacy RTCM3 messages to base output?

Hi @vgo195,

At the moment, we’re considering expanding the number of messages that Reach receivers are capable of outputting. It’d be of great help if you could elaborate on which messages you require. We’d also be thankful if you specified what type of setup you use so that other messages are needed.

the most common RTCM3.0 messages that I could use are 1004,1006,1008,1012,1033.
My workflow is to use the M2 as an ntrip server to send the corrections to rtk2go caster.
My rover(s) does not support MSM4 messages so I need the legacy RTCM3 messages.

Ag Guidance stopped on 3.x(0) I think due to commercial correction sales not wanting to change, the boys on the Combine Forum would soil themselves thoroughly if Reach base could output these.

Legacy 3.X corrections output and NMEA talker code and message selection. Would make Emlid a swiss army knife for RTK.

3.2 is still fine for input to emlid.

Also if it could output TSIP, that would be sweet.

I am currently building a TSIP translator to upgrade all the farmers to EMLID. But if it was already in module it would be cool.

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Hey guys,

Thank you for the requests!

We’ll think about how we can implement them on our devices.