IMU data from Reach M+: State of art?

Hello everybody,

I’ve been working on a project with one Reach M+ and I’d like to extract some IMU information from it. I know that there are some topics already opened about this subject, but I wanted to put some info together and try to figure out which method one should use.

The main solutions found on topics around there are:

Besides such efforts, we do not have an official solution from Emlid. I found this answer over here which says that we should be able to access IMU data with some Linux and programming knowledge. Later on the same topic (precisely here) it’s said that the MPU9250 is avaiable on /dev/spidev5.1 and the driver is located on /home/reach/MPUtest. Well… I guess it’s for another model, because Reach M+ has neither of them, as you can see in the picture below. (By the way, our ReachView version is the latest until yesterday, 2.18 I guess)


I would like to ask Emlid if there are any official tips for Reach M+ users, or if we may keep waiting for the community to help while this is not implemented on ReachView…

Sorry for the long text… I hope this helps anyone searching for ways of getting IMU data out of Reach M+. If me and my friends find out with something useful, we’ll let you know.

Thanks and good “Reaching” everyone!


This is very good work, thank you for compiling. I am about to embark on this very journey.

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Hey Emlid!

We would really appreciate if you could give us a feedback about this topic! :smiley:

I would not expect feedback. Emlid has been clear on IMU is work in progress. The driver is in there and you can get to work if know code.

I left off working with @feepyj code. It needs a little work and I think I am left with having to cross compile the project. Cmake is on Emlid but not the compilers gcc and g++

Should have in next week or so.

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