Reach M2 and IMU data: Getting started

Hi, I’m just starting in the GNSS, positioning and RTK field. I got 2 Reach M2 units and want to clarify some things about the unit, and especially the IMU capabilities, so I have these questions:

  • I know there is an IMU in the M2, Is it the same MPU9250?
    (Multi-band Reach M2 is Available for Pre-order for $449)

  • As far as I know, IMU data is not available in the software (Reachview) or in any output. But is it already fused internally? What about other units (RS+/RS2/M+)?

Getting the IMU data has been of interest for at least 4 years (see posts below). I wonder if there is a date/target to provide this feature.

I will try to get this working, document and share any progress. Any comment is really appreciated, Thanks.


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Hi Gustavo,

Welcome to our community forum!

As you’ve noted, the IMU functionality is not implemented at the moment. However, All current Reach devices are equipped with the IMU. The support of this functionality is on our roadmap, but I’m afraid I can’t really provide you with ETAs at the moment.

We’ve enabled access to the IMU data via the SPI. You can try making use of this data if you are an experienced Linux developer but I’m afraid I will not be able to guide you through the further steps.

Hi @artem.fomenko, thanks for your reply. Regarding my specific questions, it is not clear to me yet if the IMU unit in the Reach M2 is the same MPU-9250 and if the IMU data is already used/fused in any way, even though it is nor available? Thanks.

Hi Gustavo,

The IMU details are available in this post. Reach M2 uses the same IMU as the RS2.

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Hi @gustavovelascoh,

I’ve got RTIMULib working with the new IMU-chip. You can find current progress in my fork I still need to clean up some makefiles/compiler settings and update readme. But basic calibration/usage is working.

I don’t know what your plans are with the IMU, but if it’s fusing GPS+IMU i’m interested too. (but I’m not that experienced with IMU, so no idea if the current accuracy would result in some benefits).


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