HowTo: ReachView settings for PPK

The purpose here is to show you the basic ReachView settings for PPK.

I have provided screenshots of each tab within ReachView and annotated them in RED writing.

We will not discuss post-processing here, only ReachView settings.


The settings below are exactly the same for base and rover. That is because the choice between base and rover is something that is done afterward when you post-process your log files.

At the bottom of each picture, I have rewritten the English text for people who will be using a language translator.

Status tab:

(FOR PPK: The only useful information here is the signal-to-noise ratio chart.)

Survey tab:

(FOR PPK: Survey project - point collection is done in single mode and is not useful for accurate coordinates. However, you can use point collection to: a) name each point you occupy, and b) extract the time of day for each point. This could help you find each point within your raw data.)

RTK settings tab:

(FOR PPK: Set “GNSS select” options, and “Update rate” options. RTK section: RTK = for RTK only, not PPK! Max acceleration section: for RTK only. GNSS select: for RTK and PPK. Update rate: for RTK and PPK.)

Correction Input tab:

(FOR PPK: Base correction and Additional correction are off. *special note: If your method of obtaining an accurate base coordinate is with an NTRIP connection, then you will have “Base correction” turned on; set the NTRIP options above; and make sure that Reach is connected to WiFi with Internet connectivity.)

Position output tab:

(FOR PPK: can be on or off)

Base mode tab:

(FOR PPK: Corrections output is off. No settings here are used.)

Logging tab:

(FOR PPK: only the “Raw data” log must be on. No other logs are required. *special note: If your base is receiving corrections by NTRIP, then the Base correction log must also be on.)

WiFi/Bluetooth tab:

(Wi-Fi/Bluetooth section: FOR PPK: WiFi doesn’t matter; can be of or off; hotspot or client mode. Bluetooth section: FOR PPK: Bluetooth doesn’t matter; can be on or off.)

These are links you can copy to send someone to a specific tab above:

Happily accepting any error corrections or critique on my wording.

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Excellent tut :star_struck:
More! more! more! :grin:


Thanks for the guide! I would consider adding one thing. Sometimes, when working with an NTRIP caster, you don’t have the option to download RINEX later, so you might need to turn on the base correction log.

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My pleasure! I have edited your suggestion about NTRIP into the Correction input tab and the Logging tab. Does it read OK to you?

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Perfect, thanks :slight_smile:



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