How to get FIX with Reach RS2+

To collect centimeter-precise points in RTK, you need to obtain a FIX solution status. Today, let’s check how to do that with your Reach RS2+ rover.

Basically, there are just 2 main steps:

  1. Provide the receiver with a clear sky view. This will ensure good signal reception and a fair number of available satellites.
  2. Provide the receiver with a stable correction flow from the base.

Depending on the source of corrections you use, here are a few things to pay attention to:

And here you go!

P.S. If you missed our last post, here is a link to catch up.


In addition to clear views of the sky, stability of the base & rover antenna & avoidance of nearby objects that contribute to multi- path errors are also critical.
Rover antenna should be plumb over the measured point.


Hi Adrian,

Great addition, thank you! Agree 100%.