Export errors ;

I have done a survey. Number of pointsn 87 but when i do an export either csv of dxf i got only 29 points. Anyone had same issue?

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Hi Stephane,

Are all these points collected inside the app, or did you add any of them manually? Did you face this issue during export from Emlid Flow or Emlid Flow 360?

Hello Julia,

The points were collected inside the app. I did the export in Emlid Flow, I got 29 points out of 87 and when i export from Emlid Flow 360 I got 50 points. Another issue I got during the survey, instead Emlid flow drawing lines it was drawing polygons (see picture annexed)


Can you please share both files you exported with me? I mean, the one from Emlid Flow with 29 points and the second from Emlid Flow 360 with 50 points. You can attach them here or share them via support@emlid.com to keep the data private.

Hmm, I see. Looks unusual, but I assume that it may still be a line that just crosses itself. Did you collect the points from first to last as you go along the line? Or did you add points to an existing line?

Is it the first project where you notice such a thing? Or did you catch it in other projects as well?

I had the same thing happen on a survey from Monday February 6th. I sent an email to support. At a meeting tonight. Will add more information later.

Hello Julia,

I collected the points from first to last as I go along the line. When exporting to dxf, we don’t see the polygons, i assume that the points associated with them are deleted at export. Yes it is the first time I get this issue. I did an update of Emlid flow during the weekend, and it started after that. I am sending you the files by email, I can’t load them here.

Here are my images. Working with Liudmila S. of tech support through email as well.

Hi Stephane,

I’ve received the files you shared. But as I see, you exported the project using the CSV(PENZD) option. This way, the file contains much less info than with the usual CSV.

Please export the project from Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 in a usual CSV and share them with me. It’ll help me upload the file to Emlid Flow and check what it all looks like as well.

Hi @shawnmason,

Oh, I see. To avoid confusion, please continue the investigation with Liudmila.

Once we find a solution, we will post it in this thread as well so that no one misses it.

Any updates? I would like to know what went wrong and how to download from Flow360 in order to retrieve my data.

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Yep, I too have the exact same issue.
In the facebook group I have now found out that the issue is when you don’t have anything in the description.
Apparently, you need to have a letter and a number for it not to happen.
Would have been good to know this 2 weeks ago :scream_cat:

I have been back to one site to pick up the data again, but have some sites 2 hours away so can’t do that.

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Hi @shawnmason,

I see that your case was passed on to devs to take a look. Once we have any news on it, we will share them with you.

I’m also waiting for the CSV files from Stephane to analyze. The first files I received were exported with the CSV(PENZD) option. So there is not much info in them. But as soon as I check the usual CSV projects, I’ll be able to discuss it with the devs and give you more details on what is going on.

Hi @Ben_Minutoli,

Hmm, the thing with the descriptions sounds unusual. Can you please export your project from Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 in the usual CSV format and send the files to me? You can send them here via PM or via support@emlid.com.

I’ll try to reproduce this issue as well. And, of course, will keep you posted on the results.

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Hi Ben, try to export from 360, it’s work from there, I think that the issue comes with the app.

Hi @julia.shestakova after diving into it a bit deeper last night I have actually found what the actual issue is with your software.
I can’t find what is causing it, however, I have created a video for you pin pointing it, this way it should help reduce the time for your engineers to be able to fix whatever bug is causing this.
Here is a link to the video - Private video for Julia - Emlid - YouTube



Hi guys,

I carried out tests today and caught this issue. As I see, it occurs because sometimes the point’s number doesn’t change automatically. So some points are collected with the same number. And it results in issues with the lines displaying: additional geometry in Emlid Flow and missing points in Emlid Flow 360. It affects projects export as well.

I’ve passed all the findings to our devs so that we can fix it. And as soon as I get any news on that, I’ll share them with you.

@Ben_Minutoli, thank you a lot for sharing the video! It was of great help in the investigation. Before the tests, I already knew that we needed to look for the points with the same names.

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I have had this issue with large survey project I’ve been working on. For me, the issue seems to only be occurring with line points collected with an Android phone; my co-worker is using an iPhone to collect similar data but does not appear to have the issue.

Exporting this data from Android or Web results in the bugged points being lost. However, I’ve found that if I export the points using an iOS device (even if they are bugged points), exports all data correctly.

Hi @lmason,

That’s an interesting catch. Yes, the issue seems to occur on Android devices only. So if you have an iOS device on hand, you can work with it for now.

For Android devices, as a workaround, you can double-check that the point number is changing. And if it doesn’t, change it manually. It should help.

And, of course, once I have any news on this issue, I’ll post them in this thread.