Export errors ;

Is there any way to export the file from the flow website without an iOS phone. I don’t do Apple.

O, and by the way. I’m not much for forums and social media. But thank you all for your inputs on this forum. Especially Julia of Emlid. It is good so see people working together for a common good instead of working against each other. I appreciate all of the help here.


Hi Shawn,

Our mobile team is investigating the issue and the ways to solve it as well. So once they get back with any news, I’ll share them with you.

Oh, thanks for your warm words! And actually, our community forum inspires me a lot too. So good to see how open are people to share their thoughts and experience! And it’s nice to be a part of it :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

We released a fix for the bug that caused this issue. I tested it today, and the projects displayed correctly for me. Export on Android was also fine.

Please update your Emlid Flow on Android manually via Google Play. Let me know if it all works for you too!


Beautiful. Thank You so much.

Anytime :slight_smile:

Glad that everything works fine now!