EMLID Flow GNSS Tracking

Hi Would EMLID flow support GNSS tracking soon? We would like to document exact movements (trace) on different objects let’s say auto measurement per distance or time.

Best regards Rolf

On their “roadmap” or ise 3rd party software. : /

Search for alternatives.


Hi Rolf,

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Tim is right. It’s indeed on our roadmap, and since it’s one of our most popular feature requests, it has top priority in our development process. So stay tuned!


Hi Zoltan. Very good :ok_hand: thanks looking forward to this.

Cheers Rolf

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And don’t forget that the log files do exactly that - track your position. There is a very dense track-log being recorded - just not shown on-screen.


Hi Zoltan,

Any update on when this might be rolled out?
Currently using FGA with little to no luck, whilst it works it cant keep up and crashes alot. Having this feature on the flow software would be an amazing addition with alot more paid users for sure.


Hi Stuart,

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We are doing our best to provide as many useful features to our users as possible. For now, I cannot provide any ETA for this implementation, but I will keep you updated!


You can take your log, correct it, and have a track. But there seems to be no way to get the information in real time unless you use an Android smartphone and have it take position from the Emlid, then upload that somewhere

Hi @stuart,

I have an update! Starting from the 10.6 Emlid Flow version, you can automatically collect points over a specified time or distance. This feature is available under the Survey plan.

You can read more about this new feature in our documentation.