Need to collect points automatically at every meter with Emlid flow app

using Reach RS2 for road surveying and need to collect points automatically at every meter interval.not manually click on the save to every point need to capture every point automatically with Emlid flow app

Which version of Flow are you using? e.g., Flow, Survey; or the basic free version? I’m curious about this too Pinkal and after reading on the Emlid Flow app, and the paid subscription version, it doesn’t look like you can record a track based on either time, nor distance.

I understand that you are only interested in points, but you might want to consider collecting lines, or in some apps they get referred to as tracks. Global Mapper Mobile allows for lines to be collected at a fixed distance or time interval, which I’ve used. Global Mapper Mobile Pro allows for an external GNSS device to be connected via Bluetooth, however, I haven’t tested it with any Emlid devices yet.

I’m also interested how/ if these kinematic lines collected by GMM Pro might later be precise post-processed; PPK

You can log the position file in Emlid Flow app > Receivers > Logging.

Regarding the rate of the logging, you can set it in Emlid Flow app > Receivers > Parameters > GNSS parameters. Either 1, 5 or 10 Hz should be good. Choose the rate which will have you the closest to 1 m interval knowing your motion speed. You cannot set it specifically at 1 point / meter though.

I don’t understand

Will the timed interval point logging be of only fixed solutions?
Are raw obs also being logged to allow PPK?

Can I explain you what we do actually.

Yes. That may help :slight_smile:
FWIW & FYI - I’ll be away from office until late.

My team try to use the Emlid RS2 for calculating the road length with emlid flow app.
Example we have one road with start point and end point. There can be many ways to go from the starting point to the end point , but we go through the given path.Now to exercise all those access we have to press save button again and again.
We want it to take up the reach itself.afte 2 0r 3 seconds. Automatically

In this images we take this point manually

Please we get all pants automatically.
We just said start and end with and point.

It will be in whatever status the receiver gets its position so there can be fixed, float or single coordinates. The status is logged though, so you can filter on it afterwards in Excel or with a small script.
Raw data are also logged yes, same page of the app.


Try to log the position file at 1 Hz as explained before. You should be able to import the file on your software and measure the road length.

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Thanks Florian!

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Sorry not understand

Hi @pinkalsanoria123 and @vkbellis,

The automatic point collection feature is in our roadmap. Once there are any updates, I’ll let you know.

I also agree with Florian – in the meantime, you can record a position track log in Emlid Flow Logging > Settings > Additional logs > Position track:

In this case, you’ll get a log with solutions recorded at equal time intervals.


@kseniia.suzdaltseva Thanks for the note on the Emlid roadmap!
Is/ are the map(s) available for inspection? If not, it’s okay, I understand. - Kelly

Hi Kelly,

There’s no public roadmap list. But if you’re interested in the status of any specific requests, feel free to ask! I can check if we have them planned and let you know.


I had this same problem a few months ago. On Android, it is possible to use the “Intervalometer” app to virtually press the collect/save button at a prescribed interval of time. If you’re travelling in a car for example, you can vary speed to change the point spacing or change the time interval. This worked pretty well for me. Some screenshots below.

I think I ended up with about 15 to 20m point spacing at 1 point per sec.

Videos - automatic point collection using Intervalometer


Hi sir it’s useful for me can you explain how to you this app and what satting set in the the both app
Please explain i am thankful of you

Hi Pinkal,

It’s pretty simple. Just download “Intervalometer” on an Android device and follow the userguide to position the virtual camera trigger over the Emlid Flow collect button. This app was designed to take timelapse images on the Android camera app but it works just as well with Emlid Flow.

You will have to coordinate the interval setting in Intervalometer with the speed of the vehicle to get the desired point spacing. I used an interval of 1 sec at about 35km/h which gives a point spacing of about 10m.

The above assumes that you’ve configured your Reach unit for capturing points while moving (ie Kinematic mode etc etc).

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Tim can you give me the Intervalometer app screenshot or link there are many apps in the play store please.