Connection between navio2 and dronekit

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie in working with navio2 and i want to do a personal project on a quadcopter. But i am having a hard time understanding how i could run a script on the board. I looked into dronekit and the python programmes found there and i tried to connect via mavlink. But all the tutorials i followed did not work, because it always gives connection timeout.

Could anyone, please, explain to me how can i run a script on navio2 and also see the result in Mission Planner?

Hi @chiritagabriela,

Thanks for your patience!

Could you please specify if you’re working with the latest image? There, we’ve improved the connection to Dronekit.

Also, it’d be great if you could share the screenshot of the error with us.

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Hi @polina.buriak,

Thank you very much for the response.
First of all, i have a question regarding the workflow.
So, basically, what i have to do is to go into my raspberry pi via ssh, and run: --master:udp:pi_ip --out udp:pi_ip:14550 --out udp:pi_ip:14551
then go to my laptop and try to run, for example, python --connect udp:pi_ip:14551?
and mission planner should connect to udp:pi_ip:14550
Also, for being able to run mavrproxy, do i need a telemetry module plugged in the UART slot?
note that both laptop and rpi are connected to the same network
And if i do all of these above, this is what i get(even though the firewall is off: connection refused, no hearthbeat.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but i am dealing with this problem for over a month and i really need to get this fixed in order to move on with the project. Even though i searched all the Internet, it seems that everything i try to do, does not work.
Aaand, yes, the image is updated.
Thank you very much!


you may want to have a look at these posts:

Hope this is of some help.

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Hi @chiritagabriela,

We have a brief guide on how to connect to your GCS via mavproxy. You can find it here. Generally, you will need to use the following command for connection: --master --out GCS_IP:14500

To learn more about working with Dronekit, you can use their detailed wiki. For running the example, I suppose you would need to change the IP address for loop one, like this:

python --connect udpin:

I’d also suggest checking out the threads Karl shared. They might help you with general understanding a bit more.

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@polina.buriak @anon31534460 thank you very much!!

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