Anyone using an add-on long range radio for RTK?

Has anyone successfully used an add-on radio for the RS2 (or RS+) for extended RTK range (ie up to 2 miles) for remote areas where there will be no cell service?

In the past, the range of the built in LoRa was not good so I have used the Emlid Caster with great success. But need radio solution for area with no cell service.

Hi Tim,

LoRa radio is a low-powered radio. It’s quite sensitive to external conditions. To get a stable stream, it needs a clear line of sight. But if you’re working in more challenging conditions, external radios can be indeed handy. Some time ago, we tested Reach RS+ with external UHF radio. You can check more details in this post:

Hopefully, other users can share their experience here about using external radios with Reach, too.

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