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Affordable way to integrate Reach M+ with DJI Phantom

(Konstantin) #108

Antenna is spiral GNSS L1 from Stoton factory.
About installation - it is not easy ((

Our engineer spends a little more than five hours installing equipment into a copter.
There is a high probability to break something if you are not a professional.

But we will help AShot buyers to install it and GNSS equipment to DJI Phantom 4 adv|pro.

(Kungaa Mergen) #109

Thanks for reply. Found antenna on aliexpress for 75 bucks. It has different name tho, but I guess same antenna sold under different names. Price seems reasonable if you want to get neat Phantom 4 RTK-like design.

Ok, I guess I’m sold, because Phantom 4 RTK where I live costs almost 4 times more than what I would spend on Phantom 4 Adv+Ashot+Reach M+antenna. Idk about other people, but for me neat design is extra selling point. Ordered Ashot, looking forward for delivery and instructions.

(Pascal) #110

do you have video of the installation ?

(Hector) #111

a question can be installed in a unit Rech RTK?

(Konstantin) #112

in Phantom 4 pro there is enough space for Lora radio installation.
But I dont see the reason to install it, becuase you will need to stop in each photo for 3-5 seconds to receive FIX with RTK.

(Konstantin) #113

video of AShot installation? Will available soon.

(Tobias Dahms) #114

I think there are different manufacturers for such helix type antennas. Emlid also used such a model. I think you can see it in several videos.


(Pascal) #115

That is very needed to have an idea of the complexity or ease of the operation

(Konstantin) #116

May be I will make video about assemling the Teodrone.

(Michael Lambert) #117

Yes, but you won’t see much of an advantage and will probably end up PPK anyway. It is nice though that with the Emlid setup you can run both and still have that option.

Unlike the DJI P4P RTK. You have to turn off RTK in there system in order to get all the info you need for PPK. Plus, if you are relying on the RTK to fix the entire time and aren’t doing any PPK then you will be upset when the RTK fix drops.

(Konstantin) #118

Hi everybody.
We received flex cables from factory and ready to start shipping of AShot board for PREorders.
Shipping starts next week. Sorry for delay.

Today I will show you how to install AShot to Ph4pro. Now I am working on AShot installation manual.

See photo))

Phantom 4 Reach integration, what's up?
(Konstantin) #119

I have posted the installation manual.
Please see it.

During installation you do not need to solder, but you need to be careful not to damage the helicopter.

Some pics about the process:

(Dave Pitman) #120

I think the question is will the AShot work with the Emlid Reach RTK module, ( the predecessor to the M+ for you noobs :grinning: ), not in RTK mode.

(Kungaa Mergen) #121

Lol. I have already asked Konstantin about possibility. He says that it is not possible, cause you need timemark connector, which only available in new M+ modules.

(Dave Pitman) #122

Makes sense. I believe that was what @hdiazs wanted to know. Thx!

(Sylvain Poulain) #123

Ashot don’t know really well emlid product in that case

Hardware is the same for ublox m8t where T means it have time mark. Emlid already make timemark pin in their connector even if they are different between v1 and m+.
V1 have Intel Edison inside whereas m+ was built with emlid neutis n5 when Intel stop Edison production. They share the same operating system “yocto”. I used time mark on v1 and m+ and they work in the same way …

(Tobias Dahms) #124

Exactly, you only wil need to replace the connector… .

(Tobias Dahms) #125

Nice manual and beautiful teardown pictures, but I think you should add a hint that people should take care of electrostatic discharge. I also did not really understand what you do with the ribbon cables but I guess that is because I only look at the pictures.

I’m looking forward for the reports!

(Dave Pitman) #126

Thanks for sharing that, @Sylvain_POULAIN
In the docs for the module, they don’t show the pin-out for the plug on the bottom like that image shows.

Reach RTK Module pinout

(Kungaa Mergen) #127

Hmm, that make sense actually. I will try to test old Emlid Reach module with AShot.