When is a new version (arducopter) being released?

it’s been almost a year that Arducopter 4.0.3 was released as an official Navio distribution.
I’ve been using Arducopter 4.0.7 since February 2021 yet to my surprise still no new official version being offered.
(Would love to have a fully supported version so I can again make use of things like the status LED)

I know Version 4.1.0 is currently beta tested by the arducopter dev. team. Is Emlid waiting for the official stable release of this particular version before any release?


Hi Karl,

Thanks for the request!

At the moment, we don’t have plans on updating the pre-installed versions of ArduCopter on our Raspberry Pi OS image for Navio2 in the near future. For now, you need to manually add a required version of ArduCopter if you need to work with them.

Hi Liudmila.

thanks for the reply.
Yes, I am aware of that procedure. Been using it various times in the past.
However, it doesn’t fix the status LED issue if manually upgraded. - Hence my original question about the Navio official release.

Hi Karl,

I’ve double-checked with the team the info about the issue with the LED indication. We’ve introduced the fix for the issue that was added in the master branch of the ArduPilot project. However, it was not added to any of the stable releases yet.

The fix is presented in the latest beta releases 4.1.0-betaX. So, it looks like it should be added in 4.1.0 stable.