waiting for corrections troubleshooting

Hi All,

Just after some advice as to why I’m still getting the ‘waiting for corrections’ in EMLID flow. I’m in the process of transferring to a new android phone for data collection however, I can not get my Reach RS2 configured on the new device.

I’ve triple checked my NTRIP details and they are correct so I’m at a loss for what I’ve done wrong and hoping I can get some advice on how to troubleshoot .

If I’m not wrong, the device will start retrieving corrections only if it has a Single status at least. Here, as you have “no solution”, it does not start retrieving. You should do the test in an open-sky situation.


Hi Ben,

It should be possible to receive the corrections if the receiver doesn’t have a solution. However, the unit won’t be able to apply them. So I agree with Florian that it’s important to give the receiver a clear sky view first.

I also recommend that you update the Reach RS2 to the latest available firmware version. Currently, it’s 31.0. If the issue persists after that, let’s also go through the steps from this post.

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