Using crx/17d/rnx files (Germany/Austria)

Hi everyone,

playing with my new Reach kit, I am starting to play with Post-processing using rtklib.
I found this station, 23 km away near Salzburg in Austria (I live just across the border in Germany):
It provides daily and hourly data, apparently RINEX, see

However, the actual downloadable files are .17d and .crx
The latter is a compressed RINEX format, it can be uncompressed into .rnx files using this tool:

However, even .rnx files still don’t seem to be useful for rtkpost.

Is there any way to use this data source for postprocessing Reach data?



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Did you try to use the .rnx as base station data in rtkpost?
Just tried it and it was possible to postprocess something. Although I used a station close to vienna and it only supplies 30 second time interval data. Since I didnt try it with a static reach logging the solution was garbage :wink:

@Sidux, I got it to work!
Embarrassingly, I was thrown off by a very simple thing: The file open dialogue does not list .rnx as a file type it can open.
But if I open it anyway, it works :slight_smile:


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