Using 3DR radio for Base-Rover communication

Is there a way to load manualy reachview 0.3.1 by ssh with putty or else thanks.

I think, I had similar problems, when using a laptop, connected via cable to the net (with a USB Ethernet converter).
And, I actually did again a reflash and no update possible on a PC, conntected via cable to the outgoing router and Reach connected via NDIS (
The rotating circle seems not really showing any action, its just an animation.
Yes, I do prefer having some more feedback from the base :wink:

I do use now the following configuration for updates with a mobile hotspot, which is connected via WiFi to my router (and internet):
Cable-Router with web-access —> mobile WiFi Router (Huawei E3578) —> to all devices (base, rover, laptop)
On the laptop, I can access and update base and rover.
Helpful software on the laptop is the ‘Wireless network watcher’ from

SO possibly there is a bug in finding the correct path to the web for all possible configurations available…

Yup look the same bug than I have…
If we made the config via a router and if it.s possible to switch the reach in AP stock mode after could resolve the problem…

Maybe a script to modify with ssh to change the network setting

Hi, please some one can post some prints of all options of rover and base config page on reachview app with 3dr radio.


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Elisa Good morning.

Could you please send me a datailed picture about cable connection, because, I could not connect my 3DR radios. I think the problem is de order of cables.

On the other hand, could you send us a preview of you configuration in ReachViewApp (Base and Rover).

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Jorge,

I’m very sorry, I’m read your email just now. Currently I don’t have the Emlids with me but in three day I will be back home so I will be able to help you if you need. I think that it is better if you contact me via mail (then I will publish pictures within the forum as well) in order to avoid missing messages. Please tell me your email, mine is


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Isn’t this what you are looking for?

Good Morning Egor.

No, the connection are OK (RX > TX; TX > RX; etc), my problem is I do not get that base transmit data to Rover in ReacViewApp, so I think I have bad configuration of Base or Rover.


Well, the software configuration might be off. Have you tried using your radios without Reach?

Hello Igor.

I don´t know how connect 3DR radios without Reach.

Could you help me?

Hello Igor.

In attachment pictures I am sending you my configuration about Base and Rover. The base module Reach is connected to my PC and Rover is connected to my tablet. The problem is ReachViewApp does not capture the base signal.

When I use 3DRRadio.exe and connect 3DR radio (Ground) to my PC through USB port, It finds a port COM 4 and connect with remote radio, but when I use the USB port to connect Reach (Base), how Can I verify connection with Reach Rober, which is connected to my tablet.

I hope to be clear.

When you are configuring the base, is USB option available?

When you tried verifying the connection via PC, did you send something or just saw that the COM port appeared?

Also, when the base is started, does the LED on the radio blink?

Hello Egor,

Yes, when I connect my Reach, USB option in available, so I put it, and nothing happens.

When connect my 3DR radios, you right, I only see the COM port appeared, but I didn´t send something, so I don´t know if there is communication. This is one of my question, How Can I check connection between 3DR radios.

and… finally, yes, when the base is started, the LED on the radio blink.

Any help, It will be appreciate.


When one 3D radio is connected to power the green LED will blink. When you connect the second 3D radio to power both LEDs will stop blinking after a few seconds. If both LEDs stop blinking and the green LEDs stay on then the radios have the same settings and they are ready to send data. If data is moving between the radios the Red LED on both radios will be blinking quickly.


Please check the radios are sending data as Larry mentioned in the post above.

To check the radios with your computer, you should use a serial terminal app, like RealTerm. Open both COM ports in the app with the same baud rate and try sending/receiving the data between them

I agree, but I think my problem is that I do not have connected un 3DR radio to my USB port, I mean, both radios are conected to Reach modules (Base and Rover). Is this right?, or is necessary that at least one radio is connected to USB port directly?

I hope your help


To check the radios on your computer you need to plug them in computer’s USB port. ReachView is actually running on Reach, so you need to use the browser to access it via network.

I ran into issues using a couple of 3DR radios for corrections and I am pretty green to this but I have a working hardware setup and made a YouTube video showing wiring and settings in Reachvhview. Suggestions and questions are welcome.

Hope this helps others get past basic hookup issues.

I used two 3DR style “air units” hooked to the UART port on the Emlid and powered both units from the micro USB port so I am not mixing USB OTG and Serial on the setups. I chose to power the Emlids from micro USB because that is easy and reliable and I am not making cables for power and risking an incorrect power hookup to the Emlid units which would be a very expensive mistake. Both Emlid units are configured for serial at 57600 baud to match the radios as you will see in the video on YouTube.

There are MANY MANY variations in the 3DR clone radios… connectors vary, pinouts of the connectors vary.

By the way, I use these radios for drones and I made sure the radios were talking to each other prior to using them for this using my drone and Mission Planner and a ground unit (USB port connected) in a laptop. There are many channels possible on these radios (worth noting if you happen to be trying to use multiple pairs of RTK units near each other and they may interfere…) and they should come on the default channel and just work, but we have a few of us flying drones so we switch the channels on them and I wanted to make sure I grabbed two that were on the same channel. Not an issue if you buy two and they are the only two around.

Here are radios similar to the ones I used (these are probably the exact ones I am using as I have purchased many from

Here are some that are very different… Most should work if you get the Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx right (and power and ground obviously)


I have experience with more then 5 units success configured with different 3DR clones.
But I find that there is a problem with UART - UART connection of this 3DR clone:
When it connected by UART - I see only red LED on 3DR and telemetry does not work of course.
I’ve tried different configuration of the 3DR with no success.

There is only possibility to use this model as USB-OTG connection variant for Rover and Base.
So I don’t recommend to use such 3DR clone.

hello, I had a similar problem of not working the pairing of radios, I noticed that in the ‘’ BASE MODE ‘’ regardless of which input and output of correction should be UART make it workable the communication part.

on the other hand that I ask your help to try to put my rtk emlid reach kit to work, the radio is as I said earlier GROUND USB and ROVER PINOS, that is, UART, they seem to be communicating, but the gray bars do not appear . clicking on the link you can see my questioning I can not use the 3dr through the USB / OTG port can help me see what I’m doing wrong…