I can not use the 3dr through the USB / OTG port

I can not use the 3dr through the USB / OTG port, simply the radios do not communicate they are blinking blue from what I saw in the manual they are trying to communicate, but in an infinite search they do not communicate, I already did the test in the Notebook and they when connected in the notebook communicate naturally, being a serial and the other USB select in the REACH configuration in the same way, to know that yes, I cross the RX and TX, however the problem persists seems to be some problem with the EMLID REACH RTK because only they do not work

Can you post a screen shot of the Reach modules settings?

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You have to many output/input settings enabled on rover/base.
Base: Turn on ONLY base mode with uart output.

Rover: Turn on ONLY correction input with the corresponding setting set in base mode.

the base connection is USB already in the Rover is serial, ie only cables. my issue is that they are not even communicating the lights do not set in blue. Do you think this could be what you said to communicate? because they are blinking blue looking to communicate.

Here is my setup…




The settings seem ok. Although, I would turn off NMEA feedback on the rover. Have you checked whether the radios work at this baud rate by themselves, without Reach units?

You can this by connecting them to your PC and writing something to the COM ports.

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