Difference between RV3 and RV2 results

It seems tio be a dfference between CFV files from Reachview and Reach 3!

How come?

Whats the difference between CSV file from Reachview and Reach3 ?

My filter to Sweref99 west12.00 shows everthing wrong.

Hi Jan-Olov,

Sorry it took so long to reply to you.

The columns in CSV export from Reach Panel (previously called ReachView 2) and ReachView 3 are slightly different. However, the main difference is that ReachView 3 supports various coordinate systems and allows you to have plane coordinates along with orthometric height, while in Reach Panel you can get only geographic coordinates and the height above ellipsoid.

Do you want to transfer CSV from Reach Panel in ReachView 3? I can guide you through the steps of this process if you need help.

Today I should measure som points in Reach3, but I was unable to put a Project name, other than Project 1!

Project 1 was automatically selected after half a sekund.

How to give a Project name and hove came?

Today the name input of Project worked better!

Hi Jan-Olov,

I see that you are asking the same question in the other thread, so I’m closing this one to avoid confusion.