TSC3 with Carlson SurvCE

Go to settings, position streaming 1, select NEMA output string

Go to equipment and select GPS Rover.

On coms select Bluetooth, windows mobile, and select tool icon

Pair Device, set pin (123456) ect.

Select Receiver Tab and select icon next to Antenna Type, select user defined, name eml-reachrs2 (or whatever) enter offsets

Hit the connect button at the top of the screen(looks like a plug with a gps left of green check) hit green check, sometimes in this process I get a warning sign or no connection, if I check the survey tab, and store points all the data is streaming in just fine! (Autonomous and horrible reception as I was inside)


Hi Aaron, thanks for posting the settings here! Comments section on the Instagram post is on fire :grin:

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Wish I had this as a reference last year when I connected my RS2 to my Ranger 3 running SurvCE… a little hit an miss, but got it going. It’s been a game changer engineering pipe.

This has been extremely helpful and i have run thru it a few times to connect but for some reason it wont.

I am using a Carlson Surveyor 2 running carlson Survce 6. i have the Emlid and data collector talking to each other but when i go to start the survey and connect to the GPS it times out like it cant find it at all. i can go thru the steps the and everything works right but it wont actually connect and start storing data.

Its trying to connect to the TKO receiver we have and wont connect to the new profile i setup. any help or advice would be great thank you.

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here is a great youtube video i found that helped me out alot.


Dmitriy, in the early days of Emlid even when the RS first hit the streets it was easy to connect the TSC 3. once the RS2 had some major advancements there was a slight change on how Emlid broadcast the Bluetooth signal. From there it was a matter of sheer strength and complete ignorance that got the systems to pair! I am very happy that I can assist people with this product. In my own personal use I would have never been able to afford such a robust system until the Emlid products were for sale in the USA. Don’t worry I am not a Trump supporter…Or a Joe Biden Supporter. One world One Love! Thank you all!!!


Yeah Happy to help! Just watch out if you ever do a base shift on the Emlid. There is a complete different sequence of steps you will need to take to also shift points in the crd or cdr what ever the format is for the Carlson points. It is absolutely doable.

YES! I had this happen and thought I could shift the Carlson points observing the same point and shifting the Carlson points to the new calculated base shift point. For what ever reason this didn’t work. Maybe operator error. Would you mind sharing your process for that here please?

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