RS2 with Trimble TSC3 / Survey Pro 6.7

Greetings. I am looking at a pair of RS2’s. IS it possible to connect these to my TSC3 running Survey Pro 6.7? I mainly do local site calibrations.


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If Survey Pro supports connection to a generic NMEA device, it should be possible. Reach RS2 can output its position in NMEA format to third-party software.

By the way, there’s a thread where one of our users shares his experience of connecting Reach with TSC3 data collector. Although he used Carlson SurvCE, the setting from Reach’s side will stay the same for Survey Pro.

However, you still need ReachView 3 app for configuring receivers as base and rover and establishing an RTK link. This guide may help you set up such connection.

As for site calibration, we have this feature in our roadmap, but I can hardly give you any ETA for now. I’ve noted your request!


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Yes, I asked a similar question on the survey sub-reddit

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