Tips for connecting to Reach RS2+ in Emlid Flow

The guide Connecting to Reach RS2+ shows you how to set up the connection to the receiver in the Emlid Flow app. But what if you can’t connect to the unit? In this post, we’ve put together some tips to help in such a case.

The steps we suggest depend on whether your Reach RS2+ transmits its hotspot or is connected to a Wi-Fi network. To determine this, check the status of the Network LED. If it’s solid white, the unit is in hotspot mode. A solid blue LED means that the receiver is connected to Wi-Fi or, in other words, it’s in client mode.

Let’s get started with the tips:

If the issue persists, contact us at We’ll be happy to help you out.

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I have tried to like the RS 2 I really have but purchasing it was just a waste of money. I have probably spent 30 to 40 hours trying to get it to work but it just wont. When I try to connect to the rs2 hotspot all i get is incorrect password. Bluetooth corrections dont work. Even tried buying the sim card but was to that the internal modem “was too primitive”. I have followed every guide here step by step with no success. So I am going to have to buy something new and hopefully it will work. All I have now is a rather expensive door stop.

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Hi Renzo,

Sorry for your troubles.

You say you are having multiple problems. Let’s start at the beginning.

Were you able to connect to the RS2s hotspot for initial setup?

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How do I reset it so it is back to initial setup status?

It boots up and the led goes blue. I can connect to the rs2 from my android device but dont get corrections from my ntrip service. as soon as i enable my device hotspot to connect to the ntrip service the connection to the rs2 drops.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to update that we have contacted Renzo via PM to proceed with troubleshooting. If you have any similar issues, don’t hesitate to write us to, or create a new thread in the forum.


Hi Basil,

Once you enable the device hotspot, it starts broadcasting it. But your mobile device still broadcasts its own hotspot, so you don’t see Reach RS2 in the list. It should appear there when you connect your phone to the Reach RS2 hotspot.

If you can’t get corrections from the NTRIP service, it’s a separate issue that has to be troubleshot another way. Please send us an email to, so we’ll take a closer look into your case.

Will there ever be a series of button presses to force an RS2 in client mode to return to hotspot mode?

Over the years, I’ve had issues with the RS2 automatically connecting to a problematic network, and I am unable to troubleshoot, as I can’t access the RS2 from another device on that network.

The “move to a place where the network is not available” workaround is inconvenient (for example, when you’re on a campus with many wifi access points). It really seems like there should be a way to switch to hotspot mode directly from the receiver without the app.


Hi David,

The RS2 will only look for wi-fi networks that it has been told to look for. If you are using the device in an institutional situation where there are numerous networks, Reach will not connect to any of them unless they have been previously set up. Is it your normal workflow to tell the unit to look for multiple networks?

If not, then if you can’t temporarily turn off the network that was programmed into the Reach, then simply move out of range, and then you can access the hotspot on the unit and have the option to delete that network.

A physical way to force client mode would be great, but until then, it seem manageable once you understand what the unit is going to do. For example, I don’t set up wifi networks in the office exactly for this reason. I only set up wifi networks that I use in the field like my phone or mobile hotspot. That way, if working in the office, I have easy control over the network(s) that the receiver will look for and a lot less frustration.


I have 2 Emlid RS2’s and I’m not sure how anyone can use these for anything. They software is too unreliable. I connect to them, connect them to internet and pair the bluetooth and eveything is fine until you lose connection, then they will never connect again. I’m in the same boat as the OP they’re expensive paper weights.

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Hi Chris,

I have answered your email. Let’s continue to troubleshoot there to keep everything in one place.

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Usually universities and large institutions have mesh networks, so each access point is not a separate SSID. So wherever you go you will be connecting to the original network you set up