Time to say thank you!

i think there are many things to do…

but today i´d like to say thank you for the work.

on a cloudy day with rain - i got fix solutions for a long time - i was driving with my trekker using autosteer software from cerea. everything worked fine…

i was able to drive ± 2 cm on the road with 10 km/h with gps&glo , 5 hz, dynamics on, gps fix and hold, glo mode off.

yesterday i was testing latest beta of rtklib - and i am very happy to look forward to it!!!

fix is getting faster - and the float solution ist holding better and very stable at one point.
i compared latest beta with 2.4.2.

at 2.4.2 during a stop the solution was always drifting away for ~1m- at newest is stable in ± 5 cm.


hello Andrea,

looks great!!!

How to you get the RTK correction?

I guess the GPS antenna is located on the cab’s roof; in that case how to you compensate the cab rolling (left/right) in order to get a high precision (cm) at ground level?

i have upload a video… (takes a while)

i use mobile wlan hotspot - reach is connected to it - windows wlan is off (save data)

the gps antenna is on the front of the trekker. it is easier for the software to calculate the steering.
for cab rolling i use imu brick v.2. it is controlled by cerea autosteer.

regards Andreas



I’m also busy to develop this kind of software (autosteering with electrovalves, and sprayer autosection) :

I also tried to use the BNO055 in order to measure roll/tilt/yaw, but unfortunately I cannot get stable measures (too much drift); The IMU brick uses this Bosh device BNO055; are you satisfied? which roll precision do you achieve? where did you locate the sensor ?

i would locate it before the window - outside - becaus my cabine is damped vibration.

the sensor is also calibrated by cerea. it did not testet it yet!

had a look at your videos! great!!! is this a comercial version ? can i have a demo?

my email office@gh-ortner.com


Which parts did you use from cerea?

only the software!

controler and motor from phidgets

And the rtk gps is from reach?

yes! i use reach with correction over internet. mobile modem on trekker.
windows tablet
cerea software
imu brick v2
phigets motor controller + motor
active usb hub

about € 1800.-

Is it possible to use a hydraulic control valve instead of a steer motor?

never seem this at cerea…

Thank you very much

How accurate is your system? What typ of work can you do with the system?

I am testing at the moment.
The accuracy - I think is depending on a good gps signal. I did order two tw3710 antennas and hope for a better work with it.
The problem with standard antennas and driving between trees is i did not have enough satellites to holt fix .

Great work!

I encountered some problems when I tested my REACH. Would you please provide some suggestions?

I can get FIX status when the rover was static, see the following figure.

but when I moved the rover, it switched to FLOAT status (the following figure), although it had excellent satellite signal. And then stopped moving it, and waited for a while, it went back to FIX.

My configuration is as following:
ReachViewApp_Base.pdf (68.7 KB)

ReachViewApp_Rover.pdf (115.8 KB)

Thanks very much!

how far are base and rover away?

you can also turn off rtcm 1019 & 1020

at rover gps& glo is enough

Thanks, I will try.

They are about 3 meters away.

ok! you should have a distance for min 10 meters!

Hello, Andreas!
It`s great!!!
Are you using this motor (http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=23&product_id=3328_0)?
Is it really good?
Thanks an advance!