Stop & Go Processing Issues - Point Timestamps and Corrected Solution

Good Morning,

I’m having some issues with processing my data using the Stop and Go with ReachView 3 and hoping you can help.


  1. The CSV file was not recognized at first; I had export via Reach Panel and not ReachView 3. To fix this I imported the downloaded CSV from my phone into a new project on the ReachView 3 app (I don’t currently have the units with me so couldn’t connect to them and import/export the original file from the existing project). I exported the new CSV from the ReachView 3 app. At this point when I attempted to analyze the data I received the error saying “Point Timestamps can’t be Converted.” Upon further reading I noticed that the new CSV file did not have the timestamps in the “Averaged Start and Averaged End” cells so I copied that information into the excel file from the original CSV and added in the UTC-05:00 for the timezone (I am in Manitoba, Canada).

  2. Once adjusting the CSV file, I processed the data once again, however, when the data was processed I received the message say “0 of 8 points were from an averaged FIX position” (but the RINEX processed data clearly shows FIX and FLOAT points on the map area where I collected the points, I believe ~75% were at a FIX status). I processed the data to obtain FIX, FLOAT and SINGLE status points and it came up with the same message indicating that “0 of 8 points were obtained”. Looking at the corrected CSV file that was obtained from the processing there is an error in all the cells where the latitude, longitude and elevation should be.

Hoping you can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong/ what the issue may be.

Access to all the files here: Google Drive: inloggen. Please let me know if you are unable to download them, I tried to zip the files to place here but the were to large.


It seems like the log files are not matching the timeframe of your CSV. Just a heads up that the Google Drive link is requiring access request. You may want to turn that off. If so, I can take a look as well.

Hi Zach,

The permissions to the folder are updated now so you should be able to view.

Also thanks for the help with trying to fix this! It was my first attempt at trying this method so their may be mistakes.

Thanks again,

Hi Courtney,

Welcome to the community forum.

Thank you for sharing the files, I’ll take a look at them as well and share my thoughts with you.

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Thanks Julia! I appreciate the assistance :slight_smile:

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any update?
I’m having the same issue here.

It would actually be good that both panel and reachView3 format be uniformed. Since it’s not possible to access the panel surveys without the antenna, it can really be a pain…


I just ended up redoing the survey that I had done previously with the ReachView 3 application instead and this time it worked.

Honestly, I think that the original survey that I did just didn’t yield any proper results. I compared the files from this original to the one that I just completed and the information was virtually the same. I did notice that both our units required a firmware update prior to completing the survey again so that may have been the issue.

If you have to use the Reach Panel then you should be able to just import the file to Reachview 3, export it again and then just add the timestamp (at least that’s what I’ve read, and my files did process when I did that initially, just none of the points I had collected were at a FIX status).

Sorry that I couldn’t help more.

  • Courtney

Both my units are up to date firmware side. I have also export/import/export as read on the forum. Clearly, this way yields a csv that does not contain the same info as an original csv from the app. I have tried lowering to float and even single but no better results.

Im hoping that the senior member/emlid staff will have an answer since, unfortunately , redoing the survey is not an option for me.

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