Can't get the points' coordinates in Stop & Go

any update?
I’m having the same issue here.

It would actually be good that both panel and reachView3 format be uniformed. Since it’s not possible to access the panel surveys without the antenna, it can really be a pain…

Both my units are up to date firmware side. I have also export/import/export as read on the forum. Clearly, this way yields a csv that does not contain the same info as an original csv from the app. I have tried lowering to float and even single but no better results.

Im hoping that the senior member/emlid staff will have an answer since, unfortunately , redoing the survey is not an option for me.

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HIi @julia.shestakova,

Do you have an update on the problem? Like I mentionned, there is no way for me to redo the survey. I really hope there is a way to convert one file format to the other. Otherwise, it seems to me this is a major fix that needs to be done so both Panel and App can communicate with each other.

I can also share my files if that helps. Thanks!

Hi @amdubois,

Sorry for the delayed reply!

I’ve separated your comments into a new thread so that we can investigate your case and don’t get confused with the details.

Please share your processing files and survey project with me. I’ll check them and reformat your CSV if needed.

Reach Panel is an old version of the app. For all the new projects, we recommend working in ReachView 3. It contains all the latest features and fixes. CSV files from it can be used in Emlid Studio without any additional modification, and access to them doesn’t require having the receiver at hand.

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Hi Julia,

Here are my files. I’ve labeled them as clearly as possible. (1.5 KB)

As for using the App, I have no issue with that but I haven’t found a way to deal with raw data recording except trough the panel. Are you planning on integrating that in the app too?

Hi @amdubois,

Thanks for sharing the file. Here is the reformatted one: (1.9 KB)

Please try it and let me know if it works well.

Oh, you can access the Logging page from the ReachView 3 app as well. Just connect to the receiver, and you’ll see such an option in the list.

Hi @julia.shestakova,

Unfortunately, I’m having the same issue has when I was trying to do it myself. See the results :


Hmm, yep, I see. Can you please share your POS file with me as well?