RX connection issues to fieldmaps


I just received an RX today and the accuracy sure looks decent in Emlid flow. However, I am having the same losing correction issue as mentioned in this post

Without Lefebure, the fixed solution will be lost in about 30 seconds in fieldmaps. So I followed the instructions and got Lefebure set up. Mock location seems to be working but when I went into fieldmaps, fieldmaps just refused to recognize the receiver, telling me to make sure RX is nearby and turned on.

I also tried the unrestricted power option work-around mentioned in the same post, but I was still losing the corrections.

Nothing seems to be working for me at the moment. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Sadly I see the same with the RX, works just fine with RS2/+.
Haven’t found a workaround yet.

I think I might have Lefebure issue mentioned in this post as well:

I saw a lot of trying to connect messages.

Difference being somehow in this post folks seemed to be able to connect to fieldmaps.

Let’s hope someone had better luck with RX and can share

Maybe try with GNSS master app. It has been released a few days ago by Arduino and the NTRIP client may handle this correctly. Needs some testing.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Did a quick test today but unfortunately fieldmaps still refused to recognize the receiver through mock location. Will do a little bit more testing since I may have got the settings wrong.

A little bit of update here.

Contacted Emlid support and it seems that Field Maps does not work well with mock location.

As for keeping Emlid flow running in the background, I am using a Samsung S22 and I have to lock the app in the background for it to receive corrections. To lock an app in the background, just tap the button that shows recent apps, tap the icon (not the window) of Emlid Flow and then a menu should pop up, and then choose “Keep open”. A lock symbol should appear at the bottom right of Emlid Flow window. Just in case, I also changed the app’s battery settings to “unrestricted”. I was able to get fixed solutions beyond 30 seconds so I assumed it worked…

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing your hints! I believe it may be helpful for someone who faces the same issues. It’s worth noting that Android systems may vary much in terms of an interface but still should work similarly to what you described.

And glad to hear that it worked for you!

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