RTK and PPK with Reach M2 and Reach RS2

I am planning to have both RTK and PPK on Reach M2/ RS2 .

While flying the drone the I want to M2 as RTK mode using flight radio not with lora radio for that I will connect Reach RS2 in TCP or RS232 to the mission planner .

After post flight I will have PPK out also …it is possible to do as per my plan …please guide me if any method.

Hi @Kalai_Selvan,

Yes, it’s possible, as Reach M2 can simultaneously calculate its position in RTK and record raw data.

For RTK navigation, you should connect Reach M2 to an autopilot using a Serial port. You can use GPS inject feature to transmit corrections from Reach RS2 to autopilot via a telemetry radio connection. To learn more about connecting and configuring the equipment, please explore our ArduPilot integration guide.

If you’d like to do PPK mapping, you need to integrate Reach M2 with a drone’s camera via a hot shoe connector. It allows the receiver to collect precise time marks. After the survey, you can process the logs in RTKLib to get image centers.

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Thank you for your clear idea given .

Paralley I’m planning to do RTK/PPK so I have to connect hot shoe to reach M2 and to get RTK correction data radio must be installed.

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