M2 as a standalone receiver for PPK

Hello Kseniia,

I am a beginner in RTK and PPK procedures.
I would like to know if I can use Reach M2 stand alone for the use as a PPK unit.
I have read in another web page that I can use it without base (RS2) using the corrections from a geoposition corrections probider as IGN (National geographical Institute) in Spain . Is this possible? or is tottally compulsory to use a base to get the corrections in the area?

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Hi Alberto,

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Yes, Reach M2 can achieve centimeter accuracy with NTRIP base corrections. Usually, NTRIP is used in RTK, but if you can download a raw data log from your NTRIP service, in should be possible to calculate the receiver’s coordinates in PPK.

To use Reach M2 with IGN NTRIP in PPK, please check that the distance to the remote NTRIP base station does not exceed 60 km. Also, the NTRIP service should provide at least RTCM3 messages with the antenna reference point data and GPS observables.

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