Rs2+ used with Carlson SurvPC

I saw some references to this topic…a bit outdated…just go the rs2+ today…trying to connect with SurvPC, using a tablet with SIM card in tablet for mobile connection…not sure of settings for the Emlid flow app…any suggestions?

Search the community “survpc” “survce” etc.

I use Microsurvey FieldGenius, and prefer it after trying Carlson software. Carlson has a Android version too called Layout you can look into also.

Carlson technically no longer supports Emlid. There are no drop downs in the equipment list referring to Emlid. Your reference I believe was 2017.
But thanks for your input

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Can you connect if you chose the generic NMEA device option instead of the Emlid? Aaron was able to connect successfully last year using those settings.

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Hi. Getting connected now. How do I set the tolerances for fixes. In the survpc or the Emlid flow app.

Hello @fullersports1016

Curious, where did you get those exact Antenna Phase Center measurements? More particularly the L2?


There are no tolerance settings in the Emlid Flow application, but in the Carlson SurvPC’s manual, it says it’s possible to do it with their software.

Can you tell me more about which precision rules you would like to see in the Emlid Flow?

SurvPC has no influence on when you get a fixed position. This is all done by the RTK engine in the GNSS unit. All we can do is “police” the situation by setting tolerances. So if you’re doing “rough” work like wetlands mapping, and you don’t want to get the warning message with your shots in deep canopy, you can bump up the tolerances (say PDOP of 3 and HSDV of 0.08 cm. Then, when you get back to a control or boundary work, you can tighten up your tolerances so that a weak position doesn’t slip through the cracks. Either way, SurvPC tolerances have no effect on when you get a fix. Tolerances are just a way of saying, “are you sure”? Hopefully that clears things up. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks.



I had received this from Carlson support. Hope it helps


Yes, I wanted to confirm that from the Emlid side, it also doesn’t affect how and when the device will get a Fix, it’s a software rule.

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Thanks…that makes sense…

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I could be remembering wrong, but I think I ran into this with another guy and we zeroed out the L2 offset and I think that solved it.

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You might have to use a custom or generic antenna.

Thanks. Still a work in progress

Have you hand any success with the integration of the RS2+ and SurvPC?

Using NTRIP on the RS2+, I was able to connect to my tablet running Survpc 6.?, the last version of 6. I am not planning on updating to Survpc 7.

I will be trying the same with a rs3 in the next coming days. I am told the tilt function is now supported by Carlson survpc

I’m running SurvCE on my ranger 3 but a year and a half ago a coworker bought a Ranger 7 and intended to install SurvPC and connect with his RS2+. He didn’t get around to it but called Carlson today and they said that they no longer support Emlid.
I was wondering if he would be able to connect to the software with generic settings.

Which is WHY I refuse to use their products. Nobody likes their investments JERKED around.

It’s interface is $hit anyways.

Microsurvey FieldGenius is soooo much better.

Hi @rfreedii,

Although Carlson doesn’t directly support Reach, it should still be possible to connect using the generic NMEA device option.

Can you tell me what features are you particularly interested in? We will pass this information to our development team.

We switch data back and forth between GNSS and our Nikon total stations. The ability to do it on one unit that we like (SurveyPro on a Ranger data collector) is what we are most interested in.
We utilize features in SurveyPro to manipulate points for engineering and bending pipe on pipeline construction.

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I will be trying the same with a rs3 in the next coming days. I am told the tilt function is now supported by Carlson survpc

I just wanted to add that although on 32 Beta 1, you can send NMEA GGA and GST messages with compensated position, the application still needs to support it from their side for the tilt to be visible in the application.

Let us know how the testing will go!