Rs2+ used with Carlson SurvPC

bending pipe on pipeline construction

Can you tell me more about your workflow regarding the pipeline? Do you want to work with DEM/TIN surfaces? Or create a slope, for example?

Working with slope: Point projection along a slope to shift bends where they will fit in the right place in the joint for bending.
Will also shift points along the slope to center a bend to allow 45° and 90° fittings to work to save fabrication time.

We also stake out ditch line from point to point for depth to mark for the excavators.

Calculate angles for sidebends from three points. Also verify that shots taken on existing pipe (typically 3 to 5) are valid points by either using 3 point angle or point to line.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation! I’ve noted all of it in our internal feature list.

So I am currently in the field testing Carlson survpc ver 6.17. I am able to connect the RS3 with survpc through NMEA settings. However, tilt compensation in survpc is not working. I have set the rod height to 0 as per instructions!
Suggestions as to how to incorporate the Tilt function??

If you’re using the 32 Beta 1 or higher version, you should be able to stream the NMEA message with tilt compensation; it should show the correct position. You can turn it on in the Emlid Flow:


It may not show the fact that there’s a tilt compensation, as this function should be supported from the application side. Please also note that we don’t recommend using the beta version for work surveys.

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I can now confirm that tilt compensation with RS3 in Survpc 6.18 appears to be working.
However at the very bottom of the NMEA settings there is a statement which is greyed out that says “tilt is not being compensated”, wondering what that means???


Thank you for confirming! And thanks for noticing! The “Sent position is not tilt compensated” statement is incorrect in your case. I’ve passed this information to our development team and we will look into it.