RS2+ Sim Card

So after lots of research and getting told to get lost by Verizon I finally found a decent solution for a sim card.

The Eiot Club prepaid sim cards work on all 3 networks (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) and are not tied to the device. You can take the sim card out and put it in something else if you need it. There aren’t any unlimited plans, but their plans are reasonable. I just paid $130 for 24 GB of data for a year. I doubt I will use all of that, but if I do I can always just buy more and incorporate the costs into my budget.

I have been testing it for about a week now in various places and it works great! I have not had any issues yet. The only weird thing is, if you turn on the mobile hot spot on the RS2+ and connect your phone, if you open a web browswer while connected everthing seems to be going through Taiwan. Not a big deal I guess, just don’t use the hotspot unless you absolutely have to. You will save data with it turned off anyway.


Ryan, "The MAN, The Myth, The Legend! Thank you so much for the info! I just spent the last week going to Big V, T, and A. This experience has been very testing to say the least. One tech broke the tab that holds the sim card in place. I feel like I’ve searching for the holy grail. So I do have some questions regarding setup. Which card did you get? How do you activate the card? And where are the tech data for the sim card located so you can load it into Emlid flow to get the sim card running on the Reach? Thank you once again for solving this mystery into the tech unknown.


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After reading this post I purchase a prepaid SIM card from and it doesn’t work in my Rs2. I first tried it without setting the APN, and now have set the correct APN parameters according to the Eiotclub instructions without success.

Has anyone else tried this SIM card with or without success?

I also have a prepaid Eiotclub card for my RS2 that doesn"t give me internet access. I was told yesterday that the RS2 needs a AT&T voice and data card for internet access. This came from another sim card provider that sells data only but spent time with others with RS2s figuring this out.

hopefully someone will help.

I used an AT&T SIM card for a couple of years that worked well, then they quit supporting it and said I would have to go with T-Mobile. T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage in my area.

I hope Ryan Gay will chime in again with an update on his experience.

Hi @funacres,

Do you see network bars and connection type after connecting Reach to the internet via SIM card?

Does a SIM card support 3G and GSM? Is it IoT?

Make sure that mobile data and Data roaming options are turned on in Emlid Flow.

If there’s still an issue please share Full System Report with me. You can send it to

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Reach can work with different SIM card operators. In most cases, issues with internet access via SIM card can be solved by adjusting the configuration. As for data-only SIM cards, we’ve received some reports from AT&T users, and using a voice plan can be a possible solution in such cases. But we can’t say much about the reasons for now.

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The network bars used to show up with the AT&T card I had, but they don’t show up with the Eiotclub card. I have ordered another card to test with in case I happen to have a bad card.

The card is supposed to support 3g and 4g, I’m not sure about the GSM and IOT.

The mobile data and roaming are turned on and I have the APN set to “mobile” without login parameters set, per Eiotclub instructions.

The RS2 doesn’t recognize a card is installed. There isn’t any change on the header when I install it.

Which card did you guys buy? Did you get the one that works on all three networks?

So I just tested mine again with no issues. I had my RTK corrections streaming and everything. Be sure you purchase the card that works on all three networks. See my attached screenshot. Be sure to turn your data roaming on.

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RS2 can work only with 3G SIM cards and as far as my knowledge goes Verizon, T Mobile, and AT&T do not support 3G in the US anymore. So this could be the source of your issue.

As a workaround, you can insert this SIM card into your mobile phone and connect Reach to the internet via a mobile hotspot.


Ryan, are you located in the US or elsewhere?

Yes sir. Just south of Austin, TX.

Hummm… I’m just north of Austin about 330 miles. Maybe I should get out more! I received a second SIM card from the Eliot Club that doesn’t work either. Did you have to take any steps to get it activated? From what I’m reading it is supposed to be activated when shipped.

If I’m reading this right, I believe ryan.gay2013 is using a RS2+ which has a 4g modem built into the receiver, vs the first generation RS2 model that funacres is using, which has a 3.5g modem built into the system.
So you won’t be able to get a Sim card to work in the RS2 receiver if you are located in the US because 3g is no longer available that I know of. You will have to go to WiFi hotspot solution, which is how I have handle it and it works well for me.
Olesia Riman from Emlid also pointed this out above.

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Ah yes this sounds like the issue. funacres you will probably have to upgrade to the RS2+ or the RS3 in order for the internal modem to work since 3G is no longer supported in the US.


Just use your phone’s hotspot or a mobile MiFi hotspot?


Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realize that there was a difference between the RS2’s.

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You are welcome Jack!

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