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I ordered the free trial 100MB Eiotclub SIM and it arrived today. I got this after purchasing a global/US IoT SIM card from and being unsuccessful getting it to connect to mobile data on my new Reach RS3. The Eiotclub card arrived today. I just put it in the RS3, and having the same lack of success that I did with the Hologram card. I’ve been told by a few folks that is a known issue with the RS3’s using SIM cards in the U.S., but was hoping since you had success with the RS2+, maybe I would too. It’s interesting that on the Emlid Flow/Mobile Data screen, under “About”, the Carrier shows as “EIOTCLUB”, so the modem is at least recognizing that.
Can I ask, did you add the APN settings/credentials? And if so, was the APN “mobile” as what is printed on the back of the SIM card I just received. Did you have to “activate” the SIM? And how were you connecting Emlid Flow to the receiver when you turned mobile data on, did you have to disconnect from any Wifi networks first?

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cMc sorry you are having issues. To answer your questions, no I did not input the APN settings. Just make sure your roaming setting is on. And yes once you receive the card you have to create an account on their webiste and add the card to your account. This enables you to manage the data and what not. Before you turn on the mobile data I would suggest activating the units wifi hotspot and connect your mobile device to the units wifi to connect to it. Once connected you can then enable your cellular service on the RS3. Also the carrier is EIOTCLUB. It is just using other providers towers. Its like if you got a sim card from Straight Talk at WalMart and used that one. The carrier will show up as Straight Talk, but they use other providers towers. I hope this helps.


Thanks @ryan.gay2013
After lots of trial and error for days. I finally got the SIM to connect & hold a connection for a few minutes. It only works if I forget all wifi networks, connect via the onboard hotspot, set the APN before the SIM is inserted, shutdown, insert SIM, then restart & reconnect using the hotspot. However, it isn’t receiving data even though it shows decent signal. Under corrections it just keeps saying “waiting for…”. If I switch over to my phone’s mobile hotspot, or home Wifi, I receive the corrections (using the local RTK network), but using the mobile data. Because it isn’t receiving data, the mobile data slider eventually shuts itself off. …???.. I’ve been able to replicate the same thing with both the Hologram and Eiotclub SIM’s. Seems like they just are receiving data for some reason.

Have you tried putting the sim cards in an unlocked device like a tablet or something to see if you get any service that way? The issue may be with your Emlid unit.

I finally got the cards to connect to networks while in the RS3, and have successfully transmitted corrections from the base with these SIMs via Emlid Caster. But for some reason I can’t receive corrections on the same unit with the same SIM from our local state NTRIP network. It’s as if the mobile data is transmitting, but not receiving. Can anyone think of a reason that might happen?

Update…I continue to only be able to send corrections via Emlid caster with the and Eiotclup SIM, I can not receive network corrections. It seems the data flow is just too slow. But I found another IoT company SIM that works on the big 3 (AT&T, TMobile and Verizon) that has really reasonable data prices and the card works great in the RS3. I found it on Amazon. Here is the link in case it is helpful to anyone else:


Hi @cMc,

Sorry, it took so long to reply. Just wanted to confirm: Do you get corrections from the same NTRIP service and mount point when the Spectrum SIM is inserted? If so, it indeed looks like something SIM-related issue.

I have been using the Twilio SuperSIM cards in many EMLID Reach receivers for several years. Kore Wireless just bought Twilio earlier this year so I’m not sure which site you go to to sign up for new service. With the SuperSIM you pay a few dollars to get the SIM, and I think $2 per month per SIM to keep them active. You then pay a per MB amount for data. I haven’t checked recently, but when I did the math originally for my use case this approach was the best overall cost. Also the SuperSIM works world wide which I needed as well.

The suggestion above on just using your phone can work, but it depends on your use case. If I am just measuring points then I typically just have the SuperSIM in my base active and use my phone with a rover. When I have a team out performing geophysical surveys and saving the RTK data in the data logger as NMEA 0183 streams that are saved with the geophysical data then I might have all of the rovers set up with active SuperSIMs. The use cases also depend on whether I can set my base station up within line of site of all of the rovers or not. If I can set it up line of site then we would just use LoRa to save money.


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